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One of the most recognizable side-quests in Majora's Mask would be the Anju and Kafei Quest.
There are a number of prerequisites that are needed to be met before you can complete this quest, which are below.
Gorman will arrive to speak to Madame Aroma about the Gorman Troupe's participation in the Carnival of Time.
In East Clock Town, the Postman will deliver a letter to Anju from Kafei at the Stock Pot Inn. After receiving Letter to Kafei from Anju, deposit the letter inside any mailbox in Clock Town before the Postman does his route.
Your next stop is the Laundry Pool, which can be accessed from South Clock Town just west of the South Gate to Termina Field. After leaving Kafei's hideout in the Curiosity Shop, your next stop is to head back to the Stock Pot Inn to speak to Anju. If you got the Room Key and have delivered the pendant to Anju, you can listen to a conversation between Anju and her mother through the rundown wall in your room.
After reaching the end, a door will close preventing Sakon from escaping with the Sun's Mask. Go back to the Stock Pot Inn and head for Anju's room which is the first room up the stairs in front of you (Anju will only be here if you gave her the Pendant of Memories). This quest covers a few people within the Bombers' Notebook and you will be rewarded with quite a few items for yourself. Unfortunately Madame Aroma has to cancel altogether because, as Toto (manager of the Zora band The Indigo-Go's) explains, their lead singer Lulu lost her voice and is unable to sing for the carnival.
Inside you will find Anju trying to give some lunch to her grandmother, who in turn is refusing to eat by making a fuss about it in a comedic way. If you claimed the reservation, he will be rejected and will stay the night outside of the Inn until the Second Day.
Without wearing a mask (except a certain few), he will recognize you as the boy mentioned in letter. She will ask if you spoke with him, which then prompts you to give her the Pendant of Memories. Stop by the Curiosity Shop to witness Sakon the Thief selling the Bomb Bag he stole from the Old Lady. Head to the lower area near the Business Scrub where you'll find Kafei standing behind a couple rocks.
You will find the Postman wanting to flee town which will prompt you to give him the Special Delivery to Mama.

As soon as Kafei reaches the door, you'll notice a weird blue glow and when he enters, he will head toward Anju where the two will reunite.
If you say "Yes", she will mistake you as someone else with the same name and will then give you the Room Key. When he rings the bell, Kafei will come out of his hideout which gives you the opportunity to get in while he's getting the letter. Kafei explains that he was turned into a kid by the Skull Kid and that his precious mask known as the Sun's Mask was stolen from him by Sakon the Thief. The thief and the shop guy will argue over the price for the Bomb Bag, eventually settling in on the price and making the deal. Your goal now is to complete the puzzles ahead before the Sun's Mask reaches the end of the conveyor belt. Once you get inside, head downstairs and speak to Madame Aroma wearing Kafei's Mask which will prompt you to give her the Special Delivery to Mama.
Once you hand him the priority mail, he heads to his change room to put on his outfit and he's off to the Milk Bar in East Clock Town.
Speak to her and agree to help find your son and in return she will give you Kafei's Mask to help you in your search for him.
With the Room Key, you will have access to the Knife Chamber room upstairs next to Anju's room. He also talks about Sakon stopping by the shop a night before and tells you that he's from Ikana which is where you'll find Kafei. After she reads it and finds out her son is alright, she will give you a bottle full of Chateau Romani. He will give you the Keaton Mask as well as Special Delivery to Mama, priority mail which must be delivered to Kafei's mother, Madame Aroma.
It's best if you do this option last since the effects of Chateau Romani will be useful for the final battle. Once he comes back out, he will tell you that he is now "off duty" and he will hand you the Postman's Hat and run freely out of Clock Town.
The two of them will now wait for morning to come, which is your queue to play the Song of Time.

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