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GARDEN PARTYWORKERS TEAM DAYSTORE PROMOTIONSCHOOL EDUCATIONSURPRISE PARTYNIGHT CLUB PROMOTIONETC. The very limited availability of the Hang, as well as its cost, may be out of reach for many.
The Ding side contains 8 tone fields which together form the "tone circle" (scale or mode).

The instrument is generally held in the player's lap and played with the hands, although it can also be played with soft mallets. The Caribbean steelpan is probably the most important new acoustical instrument to develop in the 20th century. Since its invention in Trinidad some 50 years ago, improvements in the technology and design have resulted from research in Europe and the United States in addition to its home country of Trinidad and Tobago.

It has also inspired the development of new steel instruments, such as the PANG family of instruments and the hand-played HANG.

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