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When Romer Ferguson first saw someone play a steel pan, the 9-year-old thought the instrument was fake. The festival, founded in 2002, featured steel pan musicians from the university and other schools in Miami-Dade and Key West.
The event not only highlighted the melodious music of the steel pan itself, but also marked the growth of the steel pan after-school program at Dr. The artists featured on this week's Jazz Night In America Wednesday Night Webcast are, by a fair margin, the least-known performers we've had on the program. A Blog Supreme is an ongoing conversation about jazz for both indoctrinated fans and curious listeners. Antigua & Barbuda Independence School Steelband Panorama 2013 - RESULTS - Antigua Grammar School dethrones St.
Their names don't travel far outside the underrated musicians' community of the mid-Atlantic a€” specifically, Washington, D.C. Collectively, they're a group led by trombonist Reginald Cyntje, who composes and arranges all the music you'll hear.
Ingram Elementary made real music again on April 20 at a youth steel band festival at Florida Memorial University. James King a€” great bass player, one of the elders of the community a€” James and I used to do a lot of duet gigs together, all over D.C.

NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. They're among the premier musicians in the region, some being bandleaders themselves, and they all have strong individual sound identities. Virgin Islands, the spiritual leanings and social-justice missions that are a part of his persona, and the driving grooves for which D.C. We were born on different islands a€” he was born on a different island, and I was born on Dominica. One evening, I had a gig at Bossa Bistro, and James thought the gig was 11 o'clock in the morning. He took time out to explain to us why he assembled his band the way he did a€” and introduced us to all of its members. What's interesting about that a€” I didn't start playing the trombone until the seventh grade, and Amin had been playing since the fourth grade. I'm sorry I messed up a€” I thought it was 11 o'clock in the morning." So Herman shows up, and I'm like, "Who's this cat?" He had just moved to the area. I was like, "This cat is my age, and he's killin'." Over the years, Amin and I got really close. For 11 years, Herman and I have been in the trenches a€” we've spent a lot of time together practicing, and we've created this synergy between us.

Sometimes what happens is that because of the popularity contest that goes on in the city, some of the musicians that are in the area have to go other places to perform. So over the years, my focus has always been performing with musicians who I connect with a€” not just musicians who I want to use on a resume.
I would be into one style of music, like I would be really checking out Christian Lindberg, who's a European classical trombonist.
Because we're lovers of the music, we find some way to take our cultural heritage and mix it with the jazz tradition. He found a way to really study a lot of horn players, and really play the language of his music on the instrument. He went toward producing and playing in a lot of different bands, not really focused primarily on jazz. And Brian finds a way where he studies the elders, but still finds a unique approach to the music.

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