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This heavy duty sheet metal Hand Punch will punch 7 sizes or round holes in a wide variety of metals including mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum as well as plastic and vinyl. China Good Quality Velcro Elastic Straps, Velcro Ski Band and Velcro Hook And Loop Straps International Trade Site. Hand Tool Steel Files Steel File With Handle, View hand tool steel files, KIMTOP Product Details from Kimtop Mech-Elecal (Taizhou) Co., Ltd. After all, Hisory is what inspires us! Ensuring high quality products at a very reasonable price is the hallmark of Royal Engineering Works.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Based in the historical city of Wazirabad- The city famous and specialized in the production of collectibles- the company has the respect of the world in manufacturing and preserving the best quality antiques and collectibles of medieval ages.

We have a history of manufacturing and distributing the High quality collectibles world wide as a fine piece of art and an emblem of history.Royal Engineering Works operates in the major regions of the world such as, South Asia, North America and Europe and, making our fine collection at the doorstep of the natives. The all-in-one cultivator you'll use every day in the garden, this fine steel-and-oak tool from Joseph Bentley is a gardener's dream.
Its 3 strong, curved prongs have sharp points for piercing stubborn soil and cutting furrows for sowing, while the shape of the blades enables it to snag and lift weeds, tangled roots, and other debris smoothly and easily from the soil.
And its long 5-inch handle gives you plenty of leeway, so you can get more done with less moving around.The cultivator is easy to use and very durable.
The handle is contoured to fit your hand nicely, so you experience less fatigue over the course of a long day in the garden.
There's even a leather hanging strip so you can put the trowel right onto your belt or hang it in the potting shed.Joseph Bentley has been a top name in garden tools for more than a century, and superior materials and craftsmanship are among the reasons why.

The prongs and shaft are ultra-sturdy stainless steel, while the handle is FSC certified oak. Add it to your garden tool shed this season, and we predict you'll make Joseph Bentley your preferred source of all gardening equipment!

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