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This is a kind of non-stick pan which is first popular in Korea, the picture is just the lid which should be coupled with a fry pan or wok, its formal name is pattern three-layer steel. The work of professional technologist and development lead to new models, objects aesthetically precious and exclusive in their design which enrich each item with technical, qualitative and stylish contents. Heat resistant exterior coating is available in various colors, consistently smooth, abrasion resistant and durable. Qualitative aluminum alloy is advance in natural minerals hard, not rusty and high durability. First layer of interior coating is benefit with high adhesion, integrates aluminum and non-stick coating perfectly.
Second layer of interior coating is excellent with its healthy nonstick coating, good cooking performance, abrasion resistant and eco-friendly.
China Good Quality High Temperature Non-Stick Coating, Non-Stick Cookware Coating and Water Based Coatings International Trade Site.

These carbon steel pans not only have an extra long handle to help keep hands away from the flames but the handle is also detachable for easy transportation.
This lovely set of three nesting pans, each larger than the last, is perfect for any fire bowl. Made of heavy steel, these long-lasting pans are perfect for cooking vegetables, fish, and meat.
This item is shipped directly from our supplier, so, if you buy this, or any other Kadai accessory, the shipping cannot be combined with items directly from our warehouse, but can be combined with other items in the Combined Shipping tab. The body of the pan is composed by three layers: Inner layer is 304 SS, the middle layer is aluminum, and the outer layer is 430 SS (also called stainless iron).
Available in three sizes to suit everyone's needs and there is also a matching Chestnut Roaster for hours of campfire fun. After each use the pan will darken over time and this will create a ‘patina’ effect, making the surface eventually turn black in appearance leaving a stick resistant surface.

Then coat the entire interior surface with a thin layer of oil, this can be done with a paper towel or pastry brush. After processing, the surface forms decorative pattern, then be sprayed with non-stick coatings (Whitford,Dupont and so on), the decorative pattern increases the stickiness of the coating.
You can use iron spade when cooking with this pan, while you can only use wooden or nylon spade when cooking with aluminum pan.

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