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Place the cast-iron stand next to the stove to hold your Staub pot lid while you cook, catching drips and helping to keep your countertop clean.
DescriptionSpecsThe Kuhn Rikon Stainless Steel Easy Lock Tongs are the first tongs that can be locked while operating.
The cleverly designed stainless steel reinforced clip with a silicone gripper is easy to attach to the pot, but strong enough to stay in place while draining.
Woods such as maple, walnut, cherry, teak, and bamboo are a natural and attractive choice for cutting boards, as well as many other kitchen utensils.

So whether you are straining the liquid from vegetables, pastas or meat, the patent pending Chef's Planet Clip and Drain will be the gadget you reach for each time. Terrific for grilling, cooking and serving, doubles as a whisk, allowing you to stir the bottom of the pan without scratching it. The non-slip bottoms stabilize the bowls on the countertop while mixing, and wide lips and spouts make it easier to pour ingredients. The Bowls come in white with blue, green and brown handles and nest neatly for convenient storage.

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