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8 watchingBlack matte enamel coating is indestructible; chip resistant without discoloring.
These beautiful Cast Iron Cocottes or French Ovens are perfect for slow cooking stews, soups, roasts, casseroles and other one-pot classics.
With the same exceptional features as the round shallow oven, the oval-shaped La Cocotte is ideal for cooking fish, braising and browning meats and preparing soups and stews. Bouillabaisse is a delicious traditional fish stew, originating from the port city of Marseile in France. Experience the wonderful pleasure of a slow cooked meal prepared in this earth-friendly Tagine.
Known for quality cookware in patented designs, Chantal continues to please professional chefs and home cooks alike with revolutionary cookware.

Specializing in green products for the home, Eco-Friendly Cookware carries everything you'll need to have a safe, stylish and environmentally friendly kitchen. Used for hundreds of years, these fantastic cooking vessels are great for roasting, stewing, braising or baking. This cooking vessel is perfect for braising, stewing, sauteing, baking and making flavorful soups.
This multi-tasker is great for searing, braising, frying, sauteing, cooking rice, stews, soups and more.
Use these reward points to redeem Eco-Friendly Cookware Gift Cards for yourself, or as a gift item for family & friends.
When the element is switched on, an alternating electric current begins flowing through the coil which produces an oscillation magnetic field.

The electric current in the pot produces what is called resistive heating, and that is what cooks the food.Before I go any further, I would like to quickly point out some of the main reasons why you might want to go the induction route. For a serious home chef, the biggest reason is likely to be that, just like with gas, you can adjust the heat instantly and with great precision.Another pro is that there is no wasted heat.

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