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Passivation is a process of treating stainless steel material to form an outer oxide protective a€?passivea€? layer of film. Nercon uses an environmentally safer and biodegradable citric acid compound for passivation.
Persistently marching in today’s competitive market, we are well known manufacturers and suppliers of Stainless Steel Main Gates.
Our range of SS main gates are fabricated from quality raw material supplied from the trusted vendors such as stainless steel, mild steel, brass and cast iron to assure the long lasting life. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This Optimum sink will instantly add a professional look to your kitchen, with a chic contemporary feel.

In the conveyor fabrication process, any stainless steel that is cut will expose the free iron in the material. It results in enhanced removal of free iron from the surface, and passivation using citric acid passes all salt spray, immersion and high humidity tests. Our steel main gates have gained immense recognition from our clients due to their features such as corrosion resistant surface, elegant looks and low maintenance cost. Before actual supply, all gates are polished with high grade and corrosion resistant polishes to further increase their life and durability.
Should a conveyor or stainless steel component be altered after installation, maintenance personnel can apply citric acid to a€?re-passivatea€? the altered area. Our offered range of SS main gates is widely used in various residential and commercial establishments.

We also provides the facility to have custom design main gates to be made as per the requirement of our customers. Stainless Steel Main Gates are available in new patterns and styles to match with the exteriors of the building.

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