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Pot stills can range in size from small stove top stills, to larger stills made from unwanted stainless steel beer kegs.
Made from unwanted or discarded beer kegs, these are excellent boilers made from stainless steel. Bujapat's keg pot still uses a stainless steel bowl bolted with wing nuts to the top of the keg for easy removal. Made from copper sheet metal, these stills are hand cut, bent, shaped and then soldered together. Medium-sized, high-performance neodymium (N42) pot magnets with a threaded hole on the non-magnetic face. These medium-sized neodymium pot magnets are made of a neodymium magnet encased in a stainless steel shell.
Be the first to review 32mm dia Stainless Steel Neodymium Pot Magnet with M8 Internal Thread - Includes Washers and Bolt - 39kg Pull. This is a cool trick for improvising a condenser when you don't have access to proper equipment.

The idea is gently to boil the water in the bottom of the pot, producing steam which passes through your organic material, where it collects volatile compounds before rising to the top of the pot.
I have performed a couple of these home steam distillations using the similar improvised apparatus shown in the photos below. Secure PaymentsWe offer fast electronic payment options via our Partner Payment providers such as PayPal.
Customer ServiceIn the case that you should have any questions to our products, we will assist you and try to help you with any requests as soon as possible. 100 litre stainless steel pot with lid suitable for conversion to a boiler or hot liquor tun. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Here is how it works: You fill the kettle up with water, and use the little kettle to create a strong black tea.
The shell is completely sealed providing the maximum resistance to corrosion making these magnets ideal for applications in direct contact with liquid.

There, it encounters the cold outer surface of the glass lampshade and recondenses with its extracted volatiles. Have a look inside our store and find out about the latest bargain deals that are hot right now and eligible for fast dispatch. You then combine a small amount of the concentrated tea with boiled water to obtain the right tea strength of your choice.
The steel pot increases the adhesive force of the magnets giving them an incredible hold for their size.
An added advantage of pot magnets is that they are resistant to chipping or cracking following constant impact with a steel surface.

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