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I am in no way suggesting that to be a good baker you have to go out and purchase all of this baking equipment at once.
Wherever possible I have included brand names not because I am being paid – I am not,  but because they are the ones that have serviced me well for many years.
Baking sheetsHeavy sheets are important for even browning and to keep items from browning or burning before baking is completed. ColanderThis utensil comes in plastic as well as aluminum and stainless steel with feet to hold it above a surface. Double Boiler This specialized piece of equipment consists of one pan seated inside of a second pan with room for water. Heat Gun or Blow Torch  Used to heat the sides of pans to aid in the releasing of an item from its pan. Spatulas, Metal  Large and small metal spatulas are important for frosting canes and releasing items from pans. Spatulas, Metal, Offset Off set spatulas in both large, small and pointed are important for frosting cakes, particularly finishing the top, spreading any number of items out and releasing items from pans. Spoons of various sizes are useful from small tasting spoons to larger ones used to stir ingredients together. Strainer  A variety of strainers in different mesh sizes are useful for straining, washing fresh fruit an sprinkling powdered sugar among other things. Whisks  can be used for various tasks in the kitchen, including mixing and whipping ingredients. Cake Pans – There are many sizes and shapes of cake pans from round to square, oblong to speciality shapes.
Cooling RacksWhile professional bakeries cool their items in their pans placed on racks, home bakers often use cooling racks of different sizes and shapes. Cupcake or Muffin PansThis photo shows a mini pan in front, a regular size pan in the back left and a  Texas muffin tin in the back right. Chicago Metallic makes excellent pans although they are expensive and they are a bit larger than the first photo.

Popover PanA popover pan has a deeper cup than muffin tins and the cups are shaped differently. Souffle DishesIn addition to souffles these various dishes can be used for puddings, creme brulees, custards and a variety of other desserts.
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At the end I have added additional baking equipment not included in the book as it was strictly tarts not all baking.
Water is added to the bottom pan so the contents of the upper pan can be warmed or cooked gently without direct heat to keep it from breaking or burning. They are useful for washing down the sides of pans, brushing flour away, applying glazes and more. I like the old fashioned version that has a rounded end for digging out the eyes of potatoes or other produce. Heavy pans will not only last a lifetime but prevent items from burning and allow more even heat disbursement. The bench scraper was originally used to scrape flour off of the area used to make bread which is referred to as a bench – hence bench scraper. The bottoms come out which makes anything in them very easy to release without turning the pan upside down. Freezer and refrigerator thermometers are important to keep track of the temperatures for safety. I am often asked about equipment I use and I thought it might be interesting for you to see it. The important thing is not that you use what I do, but what works for you in each of the categories.
When I remodeled my kitchen, I put all of my small utensils in a box and whatever I didn’t use in six months, I donated to a resale shop.

It doesn’t puree as good as a blender and nuts can be turned into butters or cut too finely in seconds. They are particularly good as they remove the zest from citrus fruits without taking the bitter white pith underneath. In addition to scraping clean a work area, this scraper can be used to cut dough into pieces. Buy the best you can and the equipment will last a lifetime, as you will see in some of these pictures. This is a simple version were the cut citrus fruit is put on top of the juicer and twisted and pressed down to extract the juice while leaving the seeds behind. Generally speaking, hand mixers do not have enough power for many baking and pastry applications. Since successful baking and pastry depend upon the accuracy of measurements, scales provide a foolproof way of measuring. Stand mixers have more power and in addition to performing baking and pastry tasks, many come with attachments that enable them to perform even more tasks such as grinding meat, stuffing sausage, juicing citrus, crushing ice and making pasta.
They should be turned inside out and washed in warm soapy water if using a plastic or cloth bag. However, since there is no standard size for muffin cups, there are a bit larger than the ones above. However, in the spirit of compromise, if you don’t use a scale, stir the flour briefly in the bag or canister as it settles.
Processors usually come with several blades including an S shaped blade that chops and purees and several discs for slicing and shredding.
A feedtube on the lid of the plastic bowl allows food to be added while the machine is running.

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