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Wolfs_Advanced_Recipes.esp - Добавляет 31 более сложный рецепт, восстанавливающий атрибуты, плюс 1 рецепт для каннибалов. CraftingMaterialsRecipes.esp - Добавляет изготовление кожи из оленьей шкуры на дубильном станке, плавку двемерских предметов в плавильне, изготовление костной муки и шкуры злокрыса в плавильне. Cooking Recipes, Food and Drink Overhaul Version 1.05The aim here is to create a healthy balance between making cooking a worthwhile addition to the game but ensuring a reasonable gap between cooking and alchemy remains. This mod adds a variety of new dishes that are balanced to make cooking a strategic option.

That said, food was very underwhelming and during several play throughs I never once made use of it.
Dishes are far more useful than other cooked foods, and more in line with the power of the homecooked meal.
This mod attempts to also make cooking, food and drink far more worthwhile additions to the game, without destroying the balance in the process.This mod adds around 40 new cooking recipes and alters the effects on all existing food and drinks to make them more worthwhile. The house needs a key which you can buy from a new NPC named Josselyn in the inn in Ivarstead for 8000 gold.

The new NPC uses a computer voice cause I don't have a mic and I wasn't going to use my voice anyways for her voice so if you want to do voice acting for it PM me.
No permission is required for you to use the items I created in your own modding work, but please give credit as appropriate.

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Rubric: All Clad Stainless Cookware


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