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Important interior finishes and features of the store are the open cord wood trusses, polished concrete floors, casework, kitchen, gun library, archery (including indoor archery range) Mortenson also coordinated owner subcontractors for construction of the mountain and aquarium with live fish. In the commercial food service industry Commercial Cooking Equipment is the key to success.
Nevertheless, Starbucks’s new coffee bar looks nice and offers a new coffee experience to suburban people. Washington DC-based Compost Cab is a soon to-be-launched initiative that engages busy urbanites with the phenomenon of composting.
With the idea of trying to ease this strife, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport just opened their brand new Airport Park, a park-themed area for travelers to relax, work, eat or simply hang around, enjoying some fresh-air before departure.

At this blog we generally aim to tickle you with new developments, designs and practices that are directly or indirectly related to the concept of the pop-up city. The retail space includes 87,000 SF for merchandise, 15,000 SF warehouse and storage, 2000 SF meeting space, offices, and public restrooms, 1,000 SF Commercial kitchen and eating space, 4,000 SF boat maintenance, 3,000 SF boat showroom interior plus an additional 7000 SF exterior boat showing area. Although it implements rainwater harvesting, xeriscaping and reduced signage, the new coffee shop is a drive-thru, which is not that environment-friendly at all. After it has become cool in cities to stroll the streets with a paper coffee cup in your hands, it has potential to become cool at the country-side as well. Most of the urban dwellers lack expansive yards, but the average American household produces more than 500 pounds of leftover organic material every year.

According to their website, Starbucks is looking for ways to improve the environmental performances of their stores. However, sometimes it’s worth it to write about a project which is more than four years old. Restaurant Appliance Depot has a wide selection of commercial ranges, table top cooking appliances and endless ovens with every feature imaginable!

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