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This Fusion 5 roasting pan has layers of pure and alloyed aluminium fused between stainless steel. This very robust piece of cookware gives top quality performance and we consider any piece from the Fusion 5 range to be a real investment. One of the main advantages of this Scanpan Fusion 5 stainless steel cookware is the ability to use any type of utensil without damaging the surface, the other advantage of polished stainless steel is that it looks great!
This piece has been designed very sympathetically with the chef in mind - the large handles make lifting safe and easy even with oven gloves and the traditional steel rivets make the pans feel secure when draining or lifting. For Scanpan non-stick cookware including fry pans, stew pots and woks, take a look at the Scanpan Professional range. 5 Multi layer construction resulting in rapid and even heat distribution along the base and around the edges of the pan.

Completely dishwasher safe, however we have found that after briefly soaking in warm, soapy water cooking residue easily cleans off.
Occasional cleaning with a good quality stainless steel cleaner will maintain the highly polished finished. Scanpan is an independent, Danish, sales and production company, distributing to 45 countries worldwide. Scanpan create eco-conscious cookware, attempting to reduce their effects on the environment, particularly by developing their GreenTek coating to use no PFOA or PFOS chemicals on their Professional and Classic range of cookware. If your delivery package weighs more than 5 Kg then we will contact you prior to despatch to confirm the total costs. This 5 Layer construction results in rapid and even heat distribution throughout the body of the cookware.

Other items in the Scanpan Fusion 5 range include the 26cm Stainless Steel Saute Pan and the 35 x 24cm Stainless Steel Roasting Pan. The lids are flat and very streamlined making storage easy - simply turn the lids upside down and place on top of the pan and then either stack or slip into a storage rack. They have been producing high quality, long-lasting cookware for over 50 years and are constantly extending their product range with improved technology, creating innovative and functional cooking equipment. This high quality piece from the Danish cookware specialists, Scanpan, is designed to last a lifetime.

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