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The Classic range showcases a patented ceramic titanium non-stick surface allowing use of any utensil, including metal utensils. The pan for boiling and simmering liquids or making bolognaises, chillis, goulashes and stroganoffs. The pan with higher walls for easy sautéing of potatoes and vegetables or browning meat without losing texture and moisture.
The pan with higher walls for easy sauteeing of potatoes and vegetables or borwning meat without losing texture and moisture.
Insert for 26cm diameter pans to allow pasta to be cooked, removed from the pan, drained and served with ease.
The pan for roasting joints of meat, birds, potatoes; can even be transferred to the stove-top for easy gravy making.

Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. Famous Scandinavian design, traditional, sold craftsmanship and the latest advances in technology combine to set Scanpan Classic Cookware apart. Compatible with all hobs including induction - a stainless steel disc is incorporated into the base. The pan''s handle is attached using a patented locking system that does not use screws or rivets. The only difference is that the chef''s pan has two short handles, making it suitable as a serving pan. Classic items are manufactured using squeeze cast recycled aluminium to help create a cleaner environment.

The tall edges of the pan makes it easier to stir foods, add stock and slowly simmer dishes.
The pan is made of hand-cast aluminium, providing quick heating and even heat distribution.

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