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I so enjoy these flavors that two weeks ago I took a Thai Cooking Class here in Bozeman. Linda Huang (originally from Shanghai) of The Hummingbirds Kitchen taught the class. Made from just rice and water, gluten-free rice noodles quickly rehydrate and easily absorb flavors.
Dear Paul, my official taster, said he preferred this version of the Thai Rice Noodle Salad—though truly every version we’ve had has been terrific. To learn more about the art and beauty and flavors of Thai Cuisine take a look at this Wikipedia article.
For this vegetarian salad, I like to lightly saute the shallots or red onion, red pepper and slender haricots verts. When the sauteed vegetables have cooled a bit, use your hands to toss them with the noodles.

This entry was posted in Entrees, Herbs, Pasta, Salads, Vegetables, Vegetarian and tagged dairy-free, fish sauce, gluten-free, haricots verts, pad thai sauce, peanuts, red pepper, rice noodles by Janice Feuer Haugen. Janice Feuer HaugenJoin me as I share my recipes, photos and insights for living Everyday Healthy! If meat, or fish is sauteed, the saute is sometimes finished by using the pan's remains to make a sauce. Even though the official start of spring remains a month away, eating Thai Rice Noodle Salad today reminded me that spring will soon be here. Cover the pan, and lightly cook the shallot or red onion, red pepper and haricots verts for 5 minutes stirring occasionally.
Thai food with its light, clean and complex flavors, abundance of colorful vegetables and fresh herbs provides quite the contrast to winter’s long cooking tubers and roots. If you’ve ever made Chinese Chicken Salad then you’ll know these noodles by their Chinese name maifun.

Often made from mung beans and water these noodles (rather obvious from their names) cook up clear like glass.
Thinly sliced carrots, sliced cremini mushrooms and the julienned leftover half of a sweet potato joined an extra portion of haricots verts in the saute pan.
I've authored five cookbooks (under the name Janice Feuer), been a pastry, gourmet and natural foods chef, and am an aspiring photographer. Some content of original page may have been edited to make it suitable for younger readers unless otherwise noted.
Linda’s dressing perfectly balances fresh lime juice with fish sauce, toasted sesame oil and Pad Thai Sauce.

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