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The Chefs Toolbox Como Advanced range of cookware features a contemporary matte finish, hard-wearing anodised exterior and non-stick interior for perfect stove top and oven cooking. The Como Advanced range of cookware has been designed by The Chefs Toolbox to be functional, versatile and practical for day to day cooking.It will help you make cooking quicker and easier without compromising on the quality, freshness and flavour of your food.
You can use the Saute Pan as a frypan, casserole dish, roasting dish, cake pan, pizza maker and much more.
Whether you are moving out for the first time; have never bought quality cookware before or are ready to replace the products you have been using for years, the Como Advanced range will have something for you and the Saute Pan is the best place to start.
The Chefs Toolbox Como Advanced cookware is comprised of eight layers, starting with three layers of the latest technology non-stick surface. The non-stick layers are followed by a layer of alloy to distribute heat evenly throughout the pan and the hard-anodised finish gives the pan durability.
Finally, the stainless steel base provides the magnetic surface to enable induction cooking.
Stainless Steel Base -> means you can cook on gas, electric and induction cook-tops giving you total versatility and removing the need to purchase an induction specific cookware range.
Riveted Stainless Steel Handles -> means you have total versatility as the Saute Pan can be used from the stove top to the oven. Non-stick Exterior Finish -> keeps your Saute Pan looking fabulous as the non-stick finish is stain resistant. Hard-Anodised -> makes the Saute Pan much tougher than a stainless steel pan, which means the base of your pan is guaranteed for 10 years never to warp. Heavy Dome Non-Stick Lid ->  means you have total versatility of cooking on the stovetop like an oven.
To find out more about The Chefs Toolbox Como Advanced Saute Pan you can contact us and we will have someone answer your questions or you can contact any of the recipe contributors directly at the bottom of the recipes. You often see chefs in commercials or on the cooking shows tossing the pan back and forth over a giant flame sometimes flipping the ingredients in the air only to have them land perfectly back in the pan.
The saute pan is designed with a wide flat bottom so there is enough room in the pan not to crowd the ingredients. The low sides help circulate air which helps prevent the food from getting soggy and keep the overall weight of the pan down so you can move it around a bit.
No matter what you are using your saute pan to cook, you want a well constructed pan with a handle that you feel secure won’t fall off when working with it.
Some of the new cookware on the market have handles that resist getting hot when using on your stove top. You may like the look of a wooden handle and it will definitely stay cooler than a metal one, but you can’t use it in the oven so forget about it.
In his article you will learn about the various materials you can choose from including as copper, aluminum, cast iron, stainless, nonstick and a combination of different materials. Because of the nature of sauteing, you want a pan that is very responsive to the heat so it gets hot quickly and cools off just as fast. What this means is the pans ability to transmit heat from the heat source to the food and do so both evenly and efficiently.
You want to be sure the pan is made of heavy gauge material and that the bottom of the pan is thick. If you want to spend less for that pot you boil your corn and spaghetti in, that fine but spend the extra buck on your saute pan. I would stay away from nonstick surfaces for your saute pan because they limit what you can do with them.

They make it almost impossible to make a good pan sauce because it is difficult to create those brown bits called fond when sauteing a piece of meat or chicken.
I had some really cheap pots that I bought right out of school but they didn’t hold up very well and were awful to cook with. There are a lot of great brand names when it come to cookware including All-Clad, Calphalon, Viking, Le Creuset and what you choose should be based on your own personal needs. I have been looking for more resources for buying cookwares online but for now, I can recommend Amazon.
I gave them a test run in the kitchen and, as someone who likes to move pans on and off burners or to and from the oven, I had no problem lifting and shifting them around.
The 7-ply construction means all the stuff inside (layers of aluminum and stainless steel) promotes even cooking temperature, which makes cooking a whole lot easier and predictable.
The set doesn’t come with a stock pot, but the Dutch oven piece is large enough to handle decent sized batches of soups, stews, chili, and sauces.
This set is definitely an investment, but it’s durability and construction means it should last many years. Lightly coat each chicken breast with the flour, then dunk it in the beaten egg (let any excess egg drip off), and then coat it in the bread crumb and panko. In a large skillet (I used a 11 ½ inch one), heat the butter and olive oil over medium heat.
I bought presliced chicken breasts, but if you can’t find them buy regular boneless skinless chicken breasts and slice them horizontally in half. To enter,A let me know in the comments what recipe you would make if you’re the winner!
The Masterchef gurus recommend making this cake in a spring form pan, however, someone has made a comment on the website about having made this recipe and their results…. All the golden syrup leaked out the base of the spring form pan and the cake mixture was extremely thick. This cake is very light  and moist due to the sweet cranberries and the addition of coconut gives a great crunch on the top. You could also try all kinds of variations of this cake using other seasonal fruit at any other time of the year. Let me know what changes you make and how it turns out and please share your photos and recipe as it will be of  interest other readers.
If you are looking to purchase one really decent pan to cook with at home, make it a saute pan!
That’s why it is critical not to let someone sell you a fry pan or skillet as a saute pan.
The straight sides help when making a pan sauce by keeping the liquids from spilling over the sides. A long sturdy handle also has a great feel to it when cooking so it’s important you buy pans that feel good in your hands. This is great if you want to move the pot from the burner to the sink but you want to be careful if you put it in the over for any reason. Always use your oven mitts when taking any cookware out of a hot oven which means your saute pans handle must be ovenproof. Besides using my saute pan for sauteing, I often find myself using it for braising where a tight cover is important. For a good article on cookware material from a professional chef, check out contributing chef Mark Vogel’s, How to Choose Cookware.

Well-made saute pans are considered highly conductive when they can transfer heat evenly across the bottom and up the side so the food cooks the way it is supposed to. They transmit heat effectively and cost a heck of lot less than copper and they clean up easily.
A thin bottom is a recipe for disaster because they often transmit heat unevenly and develop hot spots. It’s great to find a new piece of cookware under the tree at Christmas and find out out some new feature that makes using it easier. Which on you choose will depend on what’s available, cost and what feels good in your hand. Personally, I like to go to a store, pick up the various pots and pans I'm interested in and get a feel for how they "fit" in my own hands. All shapes and sizes, some non-stick, some made of stainless steel, and some with copper outsides. They’re oven safe up to 500 degrees, so finishing off a dish under the broiler, like this skillet chicken parmesan, is no problem.
There’s nothing worse than a burnt pan that requires hours of soaking and scrubbing to get clean. I used it to boil the pasta for the chicken parmesan and it was plenty big enough for four servings. The set comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so be sure to check out more details on the Wolf GourmetA and Bloomingdale’s websites.
Place the seasoned flour in one shallow dish, combine the bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning, and panko in another shallow dish, and lightly beat the egg with a fork in a third shallow dish. Place the chicken breasts in the skillet in one layer and cook for several minutes on each side until cooked through. You want them about ¼ inch thick, so pound them out thin with a mallet or rolling pin, if needed.
The winner will be randomly selected (via random number generator) on April 9th, 2016 and notified via email, so please be sure to include a valid email address.
You may not be flipping ingredients in the thing in the air, but you do some shaking back and forth.
Every metal conducts heat differently so that’s why its important to match the type of pan you are using with the way you cook. That’s why you want to invest in a few really good pans if you are going to be doing much cooking.
Let it sit under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese has melted and starts to bubble. The winner will have 24 hours to respond and confirm their shipping address otherwise, a new winner will be randomly selected. If the pan is too crowded, the breasts will steam rather than brown and the end result will be soggy. The handles are sturdy, the lids fit perfectly, and holding the largest skillet in my hand just felt right.

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