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Rum Pot or Rumtopf in German is a traditional mix out of rum and fruit that is enjoyed during the winter months. Rumtopf, which literally means rum pot, is a German dessert, traditionally eaten around Christmas. Peel all the fruits you have selected to use in your rumtopf (however if you have plums, they don't need to be peeled). Put a sum of sugar on the bottom of the jar, followed by some assorted sliced fruits, then pour on a sum of rum.

You would start in May with strawberries and add more and more fruit during the summer months.
A mixture of various kinds of fruit, rum and sugar are placed into a large stoneware pot (the rum pot) and matured for several months until the fruit is very soft and completely saturated with rum. In that time, she has started over 2,100 articles (many of which have been featured) and has been immeasurably helpful around the site, constantly performing “behind-the-scenes” tasks to keep the advice here accurate and organized, as well as helping out on various international wikiHows. You can make a tropical rum pot if you like and use only tropical fruit like mango, kiwi, pineapple or papaya.

Making Rumtopf is relatively easy yet one must be patient as the final result can only be seen after the second or third month, which means it takes at least 2-3 months until the complete stage. When the fruit is soaked with rum after 2-3 months you would serve it as a dessert with ice cream or pudding or add it to cakes or pastry as described in the recipe Rum Pot Muffins - Find it here.

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