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After thawing and cleaning your turkey you will need to prepare your pan, the oven bag, and any vegetables you want to cook with the turkey. Step 4: Chop onions, carrots, potatoes, or celery then place in the bag and the turkey will sit on top of the vegetables. NOTE: If you are preparing the turkey by yourself, it is easier to place the turkey in the bag and then reach in to oil the bird. NOTE: If you are seasoning the top of the turkey it is easier to sprinkle on the seasoning after the turkey is placed in the bag. NOTE: If you are stuffing your turkey you can stuff your turkey before or after you place the turkey in the bag.
Step 7: Gather the bag together situating the turkey so both the bottom and top of the bag come together to be sealed during cooking. Step 11: Cook the turkey for the recommend amount of time per the insert provided with the Reynolds Oven Bag (see below for a copy). NOTE: If your turkey does not come equipped with a pop-up turkey timer then you can use a meat thermometer. NOTE: Have a strong metal pan ready to help support the bottom of the aluminum foil roasting pan.
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I used a pot with a clear glass lid for most of my solar cooking because it was difficult for me to obtain heat-resistant oven bags. A ‘HotPot’, which consisted of a Graniteware enamel pot with a clear glass lid and a clear glass bowl. The above test data are meaningful only for the intended relative performance comparison purposes, and they are by no means indicative of the absolute heating and cooling rates for the various pot configurations. If left in the oven too long this could be true, but in most cases it is a simple process where the weight of the bird corresponds with the length of time needed to properly cook the turkey. You will also need to prepare the stuffing if you are going to stuff your turkey prior to cooking it.
Shake the bag to distribute the flour all around the bag to prevent the bag from bursting while cooking. If you have a helper then you can oil the turkey in the sink and have your assistant slide the oven bag over the turkey. If you do it prior to placing the turkey in the bag then most of the seasoning will rub off. All of the drippings can be used for gravy and if you over spice the turkey then your drippings may have too much salt, pepper or other spices creating an undesirable condition for making gravy.
If you are working by yourself it may be easier to stuff the turkey after you place it in the bag.
Place the thermometer in the thickest part of the thigh and wing and the breast taking several temperature readings.

Also create a heating pad using pot holders, towels, or other heat resistant materials prior to removing your turkey from the oven.
If you will not be eating for a few hours cover your turkey with foil and clean dish towels to retain the heat. We do our best to maintain current information, but due to the rapidly changing environment, some information may have changed since it was published.
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Thanksgiving is the time of year where the majority of people in the United States prepare the entire bird to enjoy with family and friends, but this dinner favorite is good any time of the year. You can purchase all the supplies you will need at your local grocery store such as Meijer. If you are enjoying your turkey within the hour simple allow the turkey to cool for at least 30 minutes and then proceed with slicing. The following will provide a step-by-step for cooking a turkey using a Reynolds brand Oven Bag, Turkey Size. If you are planning on frying your turkey you can purchase a turkey fryer and oil at Home Depot or Meijer and an oven bag will not be necessary. Your turkey should reach a minimum of 165 degrees, but you should aim for 170 degrees or more for safe food handling.

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