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Photo: Mauviel Copper Cookware Round Frying Pan with Cast Stainless Steel HandlesWhen purchasing a copper cookware set, or any cookware set for that matter, one of the most important things to understand is the different types of copper pots and pans you will be receiving in your set.
Even for some of the more common copper pots and pans styles, there may be a bit of confusion as to their differences.
Fry Pan – Constructed for multipurpose use, fry pans crafted with rugged of hard-anodized aluminum, steel and copper are the best conductors for high heat, stove top cooking. The perfect standard cooking pan, the sauce pan, is a medium height, straight sided cookware option.
Thin with sloped sides, the traditional French saute pan is designed for low temperature cooking. The dome topped preference of elite chefs, the chef’s pan is generally of sturdy construction with a copper core to ensure proper heat conduction. The classic stock pot is an essential culinary item for cooking everything from pasta to lobster.
An alternate to a sauce pan, the sauce pot is the recommended cookware for preparation of sauces, soups, and other liquids.
The pan known as a braiser, broiler and oven crock, the stew pan is the universal cookware item for multi-stage cooking.
The term brazier is used for medium to large pots that are more shallow than traditional sauce pots. The decision to purchase a saute pan or a flared saute pan is more than a subtle aesthetic choice. The surface area of a saute pan versus a flared saute pan is distinguished by proportional cooking area.
Testing the tossing agility of saute pans versus flared saute pans will show that the flared saute pan is the optimum chef’s tool. Culinary experts acknowledge that without an omelet pan, making the perfect omelet requires exact, impeccable skill. If you are dedicated to the idea of using a skillet or fry pan, find one with moderately high, slightly flared sides for best all-purpose use. For those lacking technique, an American omelette pan will provide the desired results without the risk of tossing the eggs out of the pan.
Look for an omelette pan with a non-stick coating to eliminate the mess of burnt residue at the end. Copper pots and pans are the most responsive to chef control of heat, because of copper’s high heat conductivity. Finally, whether you decide on hammered copper cookware and pans, vintage copper pots and pans, French copper pots and pans or any other type of copper cookware, your purchase will be smarter just by understanding the types of pots and pans including in your copper cookware set. Here are several suggestions if you are looking only for single copper pots and pans, and not a full set. For the serious cook, quality Copper Cookware made to last, and too withstand the daily rigour of any Kitchen at an affordable price.
See our Custom Items page, to a look at some of the copper items, requested by our customers, like the pictured jam funnel. The best place to keep your new copper cookware is out on show, in easy reach, on Lara Copper Pot Racks. We re-tin copper cookware, pots and pans, so you can continue to make your favourite recipes with confidence.

Australian Handmade solid copper cookware, copper pots, copper pans and copper kitchen accessories.
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Some types included in the sets are well-known and you have probably heard about, however there are other styles of copper pots and pans that are less known and require a description.
For example, how is a skillet pan different from an omelet pan, which is different from a fry pan?
Usually constructed with a long handle, the sauce pan is especially useful for cooking of liquids, heavy sauces, gravies or wet mixtures on stove top ranges.
Distinct from the fry pan in utility, the saute pan is a secondary stove top cookware item favored by chefs for preparation of light sauces and vegetable medleys. The perfect multipurpose cookware with optimum responsiveness to stove top heat, a good chef’s pan can also be used in the oven to cook or warm food. A folding cookware instrument, the omelet pan functions more like a tool than a pan, allowing chefs to turn over omelets without drips, spillage or damage. More shallow than stock pots, sauce pots are easy to manage with straight sides and two side handles for easy lifting. Thick-sided, enameled cast-iron, porcelain or glazed stoneware, the durability of the casserole makes it a top choice for preparation of meals in a single piece of cookware. With straight sides and two side handles for lifting, the brazier is a handy pot also known as rondeau. The weight of a flared saute pan will be close to that of a skillet, but will be more cumbersome to lift once filled.
Perform extreme jump-flip maneuvers and eliminate any question that a flared saute pan isn’t the best tossing cookware item in the kitchen.
Unless you are an experienced chef with perfect tossing agility, the benefits of a standard saute pan are probably the best bet.
The potential for ruining an omelette is high if the pan does not allow for flipping the egg fold without breaking it. Made of two interchangeable sides in the half moon form of a classic omelette fold, the pan has two handles that close and lock together making it easy to flip the stove top creation without spillage or deformation. Stainless-steel is second in heat conduction, followed by the old-fashioned skillet which is the slowest to cool down.
Just remember that cheap copper pots and pans most often mean that there is not enough copper used in the cookware for you to receive copper’s heat conducting benefits. These types of similarities are also described below since all copper pots and pans have their own unique uses.
Sauce pans are also a stand-in for a number of other uses, including saute pan and stock pot cooking. Great for cooking sauces and soups, as well creation of hand turned risottos, the even disbursement of heat prevents scorching while other dishes are prepared. Copper and nonreactive stainless steel works well for induction, medium to slow cooking efficiency.
Most omelet pans are stainless steel and covered with no-stick enamel for creation of seamless omelet egg dishes.

From pre-preparation to braising and even baking, the stew pan is a essential for high heat oil cooking. Foods generally remain tender in casserole storage, and can be reheated after refrigerator or freezer.
Normally used to oil sear food, followed by liquid boiling on a stovetop, a brazier will also have a cover for use in slow cooking of meats and stews.
The latter is defined by surface area, weight, volume, tossing agility and controlled evaporation during cooking. Temperature alteration while cooking different recipes, as well as consistency of dishes will offer insight into the value of both the saute pan and the flared saute pan.
In either case, saute pans should be purchased as close as possible to industry standard for lifetime warranty. Copper reacts with certain foods, especially those with acidic content, such as vinegars and tomatoes. Other liquids such as wine can also be added to stews after braising and simmer to completion. If the flared saute pan offers advantage in actual sauteing and braising, the saute pan is a better candidate for moderate temperature cooking of a variety of recipes.
For those not quite as skilled in the mastery of fine omelet making there are some things that you should know.
By using a skillet or fry pan with flared sides, a chef can control rapid turning without the omelette getting hung up. Also called oval saute pans, omelette pans are often an afterthought in a chef’s kitchen, yet may be used for cooking meats without the normal mess.
In fact, along with resturant pieces, many of the items seviced by Atlantic Retinning and Metal Refinishing Inc. Lining the pot with tin will protect the food and allow the copper to do its job as a heat conductor.
While not as fast as convection cooking, inductive heat is best served by a pot with double insulated lids. An old favorite, the new skillet is ergonomic and functional in innovation in spite of heavyweight appearance. The straight sides reduce risk of spillage during cooking and transfer of the pan from stove top to oven.
If a skillet requires little oil in cooking and requires no repeat seasoning, it is a high quality cookware item well-suited to low-fat cooking. Remember a good saute pan is one that is constructed for even heat distribution across the entire diameter.
More density of solid foods fits into flared saute pan, allowing for faster braising of meat and other foods requiring high heat preparation. Moleskin is a pad consisting of denim or cotton corduroy layers that are stitched together.

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