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Before getting to fun parts of decorating a cake with colorful icing and candies, we need to understand different types of baking pans out there on sale. People who wish to stay clear of chemicals present in non-sticking surfaces use Glass cake pans.
Quick cakes prepared in a microwave can be made using 5-minute pans with vented lid control system that releases steam to ensure baked goods are moistened. All these materials used to make baking pans affect heat absorption, reflection and retention in different ways. Yongkang Huku Aluminum Casting Factory is a professional manufacturer specializing in producing carbon steel non-stick cookware, aluminum cookware, electric pizza pans and aluminum sports bottles.
We also need to understand different materials used to make them with relation to why these materials have been used. These are well known for their non-sticking capabilities, which are very good for baking pans.

These types do not absorb heat like metal although it is advisable to lower baking temperatures when using glass pans so as to prevent over baked cakes. These types of cake pans are becoming popular especially with growth of technology in microwaves. Amongst these are clay terracotta bakers, which produce cakes with a crusty outside and soft, spongy inside. Understanding this will help you make an informed choice for a pan when you decide to purchase one.
Our factory implements computerized management system, equipped with advanced production facilities.
With this type of baking pan, you need to be careful to capture exact temperatures indicated on a cake recipe. Constantly researching and developing new products, we adopt professional modern production lines and testing apparatus to produce non-stick cookers with steady quality and attractive styles.

Some of these pans types include silicone baking pans, aluminum baking pans, stainless steel baking pans and the popular Bundt pan. They also reflect heat away from cakes so as to have them fluffy, moist and light colored with a crispy crust.
Different shapes and designs of baking pans have brought about beautiful presentations of cakes. Darker versions of aluminum baking pans absorb heat, making cakes appear with darker crusts.

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