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Glass bakeware, cookware and food storage containers like these Pyrex bowls is something commonly found kitchens across America. Believe it or not, glass cookware from Anchor Hocking and Pyrex has been classified as a potential household hazard. It’s said that exploding glass cookware can send razor-sharp shards of glass flying in all directions, creating the possibility of serious (and permanent) injury to anyone within a few feet of the explosion. Indeed, glass can shatter when it strikes (or is struck) by something, or if there is a defect in the glass such as a chip or crack.
With regard to the exploding Pyrex phenomenon, many have pointed the finger at the fact that Pyrex has altered its recipe for making glass cookware.
Understanding the physical properties of various types of glass is a bit much to expect from the average consumer. If glass bakeware is chipped, cracked, or scratched, it’s time for it to be retired from service. Don’t put hot glassware on the stove, on cold or wet surfaces, on the counter, or in the sink. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations by not using glass cookware on the stovetop, under the broiler, or in a toaster oven.
Many consumers can confirm the fact that glass bakeware, including Pyrex and Anchor Hocking, does break, or shatter, on occasion.
Pyrex indicates that the safety of its products is demonstrated by the fact that there’s never been a Pyrex recall. With proper use and care, Pyrex stands by the statement that Pyrex cookware and bakeware has a reputation of being a quality and safe product. Anchor Hocking attempts to dispel the myths associated with exploding glass cookware with these Anchor Hocking bakeware facts, which include the company’s overall safety record. Shopsmart Magazine (a division of Consumer Reports) updated their original story about glass bakeware unexpectedly shattering. Since then [1 year earlier], we’ve analyzed reports of 145 new incidents, most of which were sent to us by readers. Though the cases we reviewed represent a tiny fraction of the hundreds of millions of pieces of glass bakeware in use, we still believe further investigation is needed. Curtis CarperIā€™ve been involved in RVing for over 40 yrs -- including camping, building, repairing, and even selling RVs. Kris of Apopka, FL on March 15, 2016Satisfaction RatingLast night I was baking chicken at 400 degrees in a Pyrex dish. If you place a glass cooking container right out of the oven onto something much cooler (such as a damp or wet countertop), the glass container could shatter.
But now, as a cost savings measure, it’s made from heat-strengthened soda lime glass.
While thermal expansion may be greater with soda lime glass, its mechanical strength when heat treated is more than double that of borosilicate glass. For our previous story, we examined 152 reports to the Consumer Product Safety Commission [CPSC] about baking dishes from leading brands Pyrex and Anchor Hocking.
The set consists of several different sized square, rectangle and round containers with accompanying lids that snap on. 29, 2015Satisfaction RatingWhile making our Thanksgiving dinner about an hour prior to putting the extra stuffing in the oven (350 degrees), I removed it from the refrigerator for it to cool to room temperature. 8, 2015Satisfaction RatingI was making "pecan pie bars" last evening in a Pyrex dish that I bought about 4-5 years ago.
With thermal tension being the cause, it could easily be seen as an explosion — because glass will definitely be flying about. Include just the slightest chip on the edge and bingo, the next time in the oven may be the last. Soda lime glass experiences 3 times more thermal expansion than borosilicate glass, meaning the potential for shattering is 3 times higher. What this means is soda lime glass bakeware is much less likely to break when dropped or hit against something. Dinner was being taken out of the oven, I took the Pyrex baking dish that had the stuffing in, set it on top of the stove, opened the oven door back up, bending over to rearrange the rolls, when the dish exploded!
My other interests include cooking at home, living with an aging dog, and dealing with diabetic issues. This morning I woke up and went into the kitchen and reached into the dish drain for a glass. Thankfully I was not injured, but after reading the response that Pyrex has issued regarding these complaints, I will never again buy their products or support their company."We cannot speculate on how someone was using their bakeware, and whether or not they were using it correctly.
Without examining the product, there is no confirmation that the product involved was Pyrex bakeware (as opposed to another manufacturers product). All I could think about was what if this had exploded when I was putting it into the cupboard? I found the inside of my oven covered in brownie mix intermingled with pieces of the broken glass that was once the pan. After I melted the sugar to make the caramel and was trying to get the caramel to coat the sides, I proceeded to place the bowl into the water bath and the water was hot when the bowl just exploded on me! I was lucky in that I was looking in the refrigerator at the time for something and the door shielded me from the HUNDREDS OF GLASS SHARDS that were scattered in a 5 foot radius all over my kitchen. But this dish was room temperature, in the dish drain and I never touched it at all before it burst.The larger pieces were near the top rim of the container, but the rest of the glass looked like a windshield when it shatters. The crazy thing is that even 5-10 minutes after the explosion, the pieces that were on the ground, on the sink and on the counter would split apart on their own.
I got another bowl and did the same steps only to have the bowl explode on me while coating the sides with caramel. The worst part was the fact that I ended up in the emergency room with second degree burns on my hands and in the worst pain I have ever felt (and I've given birth to six kids)! I'm so disappointed in this and I'm weary of using the rest of the collection as much as I like it. It was all inside the oven thankfully, so I turned off the oven and luckily no fire or smoke. So dinner was ruined, I was bawling, had my kids crying because they got so scared (Thank God they were not in the kitchen when this happened), and now I'm so scared to even look at glass. Once it cooled down enough, I had the task of removing the nearly cooked chicken and the loads of broken Pyrex.
Needless to say, I threw out all of our glass cookware and have been scarred for life, not only physically, but emotionally as well. It did come out of the fridge but sat at room temperature for 15-20 minutes while the oven heated.
On top of everything, I'm going to get a huge hospital bill since I have no insurance and I also had to pay close to $47.00 for my medicine. One of the 2 new ones we've bought early this year cracked a few months ago and luckily it did not explode as described in most of the reviews mentioned here. It was near the gas stove when it cracked so we thought it was the reason but now I think not.
My wife ran out to the kitchen to the oven and found that the casserole dish had exploded inside the oven. 27, 2015Satisfaction RatingIn the kitchen and my mom's getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Helped her remove several dishes from the warming oven to the counter including one rectangular Pyrex dish of dressing.
We were sitting around talking when stunned by a loud pop and the sound of shattering glass. 2, 2015Satisfaction RatingI was heating water in the microwave in my glass Pyrex measuring cup, which I had done before.
We thought a dish had fallen from the counter but the Pyrex dish of dressing had exploded, sending shards of glass over everything.

Because I was heating the water for my toddler who had a sore throat, I purposely didn't want it to be too hot. I set the microwave's auto cook for three minutes, but I pulled it out around 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
Unbelievable that this dish would completely disintegrate in such a way and with such seeming explosive force.
When I removed the measuring cup from the microwave, it shattered just as my hand touched the handle.
And it didn't just crack, it completely shattered just sitting there, into thousands and thousands of tiny jagged pieces.
So disappointed as it costs so much to make a homemade lasagna anyways and it was starting to smell up the house with the aroma. I took it out after it was done and sat it on the stove which also has green beans and Mac & cheese, sitting on back burners, which were off. I filled the dish with a chicken Alfredo sauce as I had made a second sauce for those who did not want meat sauce. It was room temperature before being placed in the 375 oven, and had been in the oven at least fifteen minutes before exploding. Everything was fine until about an hour and a half later I was scraping the contents of the dish into another container to send home with my daughter-in-law. I wish I had taken pictures but it scared me so bad with glass in my hair that all I could think of was to get it off me and also off my new stove. The cleanup is a nightmare, and I have at least one tiny piece of glass in my hand that I can't even see even though I was careful. Really shocked because after all the years using your product, this is the first time anything like this has happened. Never expected the dish would literally explode just by taking it out of an oven and onto a stove top which was warm from the oven being on.
26, 2015Satisfaction RatingI was at work and had heated up my 2 cup Pyrex bowl for 1 min, 30 secs in the microwave. Luckily I had a paper towel between my hand and the bowl, when all of the sudden the bowl shattered. 25, 2015Satisfaction RatingI was making dinner tonight using a Pyrex dish I had purchased about a year ago and only used twice. 24, 2016Satisfaction RatingI was cooking a casserole in the oven and about 15 minutes in heard a loud "pop". About ten minutes into my meatloaf cooking I heard a loud sound and opened the oven to find the dish completely shattered. I quickly closed the oven and turned it off to cool then had to throw away my dinner along with a ton of glass. This last time I went to check on dinner and as I open the oven bent down to pull the rack out, the glass dish exploded in my face. After reading other reviews I am at least thankful I caught it at the right time and it didn't explode on me while taking the dish out. 15, 2015Satisfaction RatingAs I sat drinking my coffee, home alone this morning, I heard what sounds like an explosion of dishes in the kitchen. I went through and in my sink was my Pyrex measuring cup jug I had washed the evening before and left to drip dry, shattered. I had rinsed the reusable coffee filters early in the morning and they were beside the jug drying. They are plastic and light and were not hot or anything when put in, just rinsed and placed there to dry with my stuff from the night before. Last night we cooked chicken with bacon wrapped around it, which I've cooked before in Pyrex and other brands. They had been placed there at least a half hour before this happened, likely more than hour before. 5 minutes before it was to be taken out of the oven we have a what I can only describe as a small explosion. I actually store the Pyrex jug sitting on my counter as I use it every day to fill my coffee maker with the water from my fridge door that is filtered but not really cold.
I ran right over to the oven and opened up the oven door slowly and there was bacon grease and glass everywhere! We just bought our stove 3 months ago, so it's brand new and now it's completely covered in grease that is now completely cooked onto the bottom and sides.
After reading about all the incidences of exploding Pyrex, I can't believe that one serious accident isn't enough to get them to stop making it with Lime Glass. I'm so glad I wasn't in the kitchen as there was even a couple shards of glass embedded in the wood cutting board sitting in the sink beside the jug. Not only that, thank god neither my husband or myself opened the oven to check on the chicken and had that explode on us! This was not heated in an oven ever, was not cooked with, and still exploded randomly and viewing the internet this happens enough. I cannot believe that such a well established brand knows about this happening (and apparently happening often!) and has not done anything about it.
I not only want a refund for the Pyrex dish that exploded into hundreds of pieces but I now think that Pyrex should buy back everything I own made by them.
They should also reimburse me for the time and cleaning products that will have to be put into cleaning our brand new oven. I am very disappointed in more hide Helpful?YesNodeborah of Grand Island, NY on Feb.
The dish was room temperature and the oven was properly preheated when I placed it in the oven. 2, 2016Satisfaction RatingBaking a casserole and just moments before I was to take it out the thing exploded. Luckily, no one was injured, but I am out one dish, one pheasant, and the time I had to spend cleaning glass shards and dust out of my oven. I immediately tried to find out what had happened, I thought something had fallen off the wall. 27, 2016Satisfaction RatingI work retail and I was separating two 13 X 9 baking dishes when it exploded in my hand. 18, 2016Satisfaction RatingMy mother has been using Pyrex since the 1940s without incident. I had the PYREX rectangular piece of crap in the oven preheating so I can place my nice steak in it to finish in the oven. Today a 9" x 9" cooking pan violently burst into shards of glass in the oven as she opened it to check the meat.
When the steaks were ready, I pulled out the PYREX rectangular piece of crap and placed it on top of the stove.
I read up on the manufacturing process and discovered that the manufacturing formula was changed around 1999. 17, 2016Satisfaction RatingMy daughter invited us to dinner on January 16th of 2016 and we offered to bring a salad.
It was apparently bought out years ago and they changed how it is made because of the bottom line.
When we arrived, I made a balsamic dressing and used a one cup measuring Pyrex glass as the vessel for this dressing. His clothes were stained and there was even a small shard of glass embedded on the wall by the table but thank god he was not hurt.
21, 2015Satisfaction RatingA Pyrex glass measuring cup just exploded inside my kitchen cabinet.
He had just lifted the glass as it exploded and all I can do is thank god that his eyes and hand were intact. I just spent 3 hours washing the entire contents of the cabinet, removing shelves and trying to get rid of all the tiny pieces of glass.

Now, I just want to throw every Pyrex product away and tell all my friends and family NOT to purchase the brand. 21, 2015Satisfaction RatingI was baking spaghetti squash in a preheated 375 degree oven in my 9x13 Pyrex baking dish. I have lost respect for the brand and I plan to remove the product from my cabinets and home. I took it out of the oven and placed it on a cutting board on the counter and it completely exploded and shattered hundreds of pieces of glass throughout the entire kitchen. I was very surprised because I thought it was something I did until I decided to check for a similar experience online. These products have exploded not only in the oven and microwave but just sitting in the cupboard without use. I am glad that there have been mostly scares and small cuts but it only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt by Pyrex. Pyrex does not even deserve the one star I had to use for rating my experience because they changed an ingredient most likely to save money. After reading so many of these reports, I think consumers should be aware of what could happen. Now the consumer has to bear the expense in bad experiences and in some cases more hide Helpful?YesNocandy of Sterling Heights, MI on Jan. 10, 2015Satisfaction RatingJust getting ready to sit down to dinner tonight with my husband and 2 daughters when we hear a loud boom come from the oven where a chicken casserole was finishing up. Looking in the oven the glass Pyrex dish had totally shattered and the contents were spilling down through the oven racks and onto the floor of the oven. The dish was maybe 10 years old but I know people who have had the same baking dish for 20 years or more. I am thankful it happened while it was still in the oven so it was in a confined space because I am afraid one of us would have been hit by hot flying glass if I had sat it on the table.
5, 2016Satisfaction RatingMy first Easy Grab 1.9 L Pyrex dish [purchased at the local Safeway store] shattered while cooling (from 325 degree) in the oven on Sept 11, 2015.
My second dish purchased Sept 12, 2015 shattered Jan 2, 2016 when it was moved from the oven at 325 degree to the top of the oven. I have the receipt for the purchase of the second dish along with a picture of the shattered dish.
The potatoes were in the oven for 25 minutes and the ham for just 15 minutes when I used a hot pad and started to remove the ham baking dish from the oven. As a retired synthetic chemist I have over 30 years of working with Pyrex vessels and Pyrex should not do this!
The Pyrex dish immediately exploded in the oven projecting shards of glass all over the inside of the oven as well as across my kitchen floor.
Took the casserole out of the oven, set it on top of the stove, took the cover off and laid it on a potholder on the kitchen counter, turned, took one step to the side of where I'd been standing and BOOM! There were 5 scorch marks left on the white counter top, a small, round and raised "bubble", where each piece hit the counter, followed by a brown, scorched "tail" where they evidently slid across the counter on their way airborne. The potholder I sat the cover on was embedded with uncountable tiny pieces of glass.There was a wheel chair-bound elderly gentleman in the kitchen with me, who, just moments before this happened had moved from the spot where the large piece flew.
And thank God, there was just that split second of time between setting the cover down and the explosion, that had allowed me to turn and take one step out of its path. I have no doubt I'd have been severely injured, OR WORSE, had it exploded the instant I set it down and hit me full on, as would have been the case if my elderly friend had been hit.
This glass did NOT just BREAK, it EXPLODED, sending heavy glass shrapnel flying through the air at a speed comparable to being shot from a gun! 25, 2015Satisfaction RatingOne of my Pyrex bowls (2 cu volume, with lid, branded Pyrex Storage) just shattered spontaneously while not in use. I know there were NO VISIBLE defects, marks, cracks, etc on that cover before I put it in the oven, and that potholder was dry when I set it on the counter and know of no way it could've gotten wet between that time and the time I set that cover down on it.It took me an hour to clean up the glass and I was quite shook up for the rest of the night, thinking of what COULD have happened had either of us been in the path of that flying glass. The bowl has not been used for at least a week, and was resting in a dorm cube (metal grid with wires set 1.5" apart) with another identical bowl stacked on top of it.
These bowls have only been used in two ways: (1) hot food put into them and left to cool on a wooden trivet until near room temperature, then put into the refrigerator, or (2) as airtight storage for fermenting bread dough, cut vegetables, or shredded cheese.
Despite the company's claims about their product, I know better than to take Pyrex fresh from a hot oven and plunge it into something cold, I know you don't pour cold or cool water into or onto a hot Pyrex dish or put a hot Pyrex into dishwater that isn't at or very near the same temperature.None of those things were done here! Why have I never heard anything from the company about this happening before, as I now know it has after reading similar stories on the internet. In fact, I thought this must have been an absolute FREAK thing that is VERY RARE, but from what I've read, it is NOT that rare.
None of the shards seem to have gone more than a few inches, but this does seem like a serious safety hazard. These bowls are a clear-colored glass, unlike the bakeware and mixing bowls I have which have a cyan tint; I'm not sure if that indicates a different kind of glass than the bakeware.
2, 2016Satisfaction RatingI put my roast in the oven in a cooking bag and about 25 min I heard a loud boom noise. 23, 2015Satisfaction RatingAs I've now read with many consumers they have been having the same issues with their Pyrex pans exploding. 28, 2015Satisfaction RatingMy 4 Cup round freezer to oven container with the blue lid is a year old.
This would have been completely deadly if my 3 year old nephew was in the room, or if I was any closer to the pan. It sent literally thousands of broken pieces everywhere, that were 400 degrees burning through towels, and carpets in the next room adjacent to the kitchen. Yesterday, while putting the lid on some leftovers, the lid split vertically from the rim to the top. 20, 2015Satisfaction RatingI have had two separate experiences where the Pyrex glass pan has exploded in the oven while baking food. Then recently, I myself was baking pork chops in another Pyrex glass pan and at 350 degrees. Thankfully, it blew up in the oven but the mess was really difficult to clean up as there was glass all over the place. 14, 2015Satisfaction Rating45 minutes in the oven, the Pyrex exploded epically all over the place with the spaghetti squash. 14, 2015Satisfaction RatingSimilar to many of the experiences already noted I was cooking a meal in my grab and go bake dish at 400 degrees. Shortly after I opened the oven and stepped aside the dish exploded where the glass was distributed throughout my kitchen and dining room. 1, 2015Satisfaction RatingAfter 15 mins of baking chicken at 375 the Pyrex baking dish exploded in my oven.
He wraps the tenderloin in foil and puts its in our favorite baking dish a large size blue Pyrex casserole dish. While that was baking he cut up the potatoes and set them on another baking sheet we have and placed them under our "trusty" Pyrex dish. About 45-hour rolls around my husband goes in to get the dish out to serve the food and I hear the oven door open. At this point it's covered the pan of potatoes underneath of it, the bottom of my oven, my floor and also in our storage bin under our oven.I was devastated and shocked.
I have always sworn by Pyrex and never even heard of one exploding except in the case of thermal shock. My entire dinner was ruined, I was not going to take any chance of any of the food having small shards of broken glass in it so I pitched the whole thing. At this point it was too late to thaw something else out and heat it up, my son was very hungry and our nice night in had turned into a horrible night.

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