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The deep, savory flavors of kalbi, the barbecued short ribs served in many Korean restaurants, is easy to replicate at home.
An exhibit of ancient and antique pots and pans looks at Jewish cooking traditions and family life.
Cooking pots and food storage containers are among the most ancient dishes in the history of humankind. It may be those crusty insides that prompted our ancestors to institute the tradition of Passover cleaning and koshering. Kitchenware, both ancient and antique, is the subject of an exhibition now on display at the Museum of Philistine Culture in Ashdod.
Curators Yael Wiesel and Sarah Shahak write, “A wide range of culinary styles developed within the Jewish communities of the diaspora, but the dishes and flavors are surprisingly similar.
For example, this unusual-looking rolling utensil, used in preparing Passover matzah to punch holes in flat unleavened dough. Imprisoned in the Warsaw ghetto, young father Ignatz Bleichfeld reshaped a wooden hanger into a spatula to conserve every last drop of porridge needed to feed his son.
This 19th century brass samovar from Russia belonged to Jenny Guttman, born in 1907, who inherited it from her grandmother.

In addition to utensils, the exhibition presents food-related ephemera such as these ration booklets. For more images and information about the Pots and Pans exhibition, visit the Museum of Phiiistine Culture’s website and Facebook page.
A veteran media professional who has lived in Israel since 1984, Rachel has been part of the ISRAEL21c organization since 2008.
Studies of ancient pottery have revealed fats, oils and waxes released from cooking and absorbed by ceramic, as well as crusts of burnt food preserved inside of vessels. Koshering is the boiling process by which one makes non-kosher vessels and utensils kosher.
Entitled Pots and Pans – Memories from Grandma’s Kitchen, it is a fond look back at cooking traditions of various Jewish  communities. From 1949 to 1959, Israelis lived under an austerity regime, during which rationing and similar measures were enforced.
Prior to that, she served as managing editor of Globes Online, the English-language edition of Israel’s leading business daily, and before that, at The Jerusalem Post, as a business reporter, feature writer, and consumer columnist.
At Passover, koshering is the process of making year-round vessels and utensils kosher for Passover.

The bowl stayed in the family, and today belongs to the daughter who continues to make every Passover traditional Jewish foods for her children and grandchildren. Rachel began writing about Israeli technology companies at LINK Israel’s Business and Technology Magazine and is a professional Hebrew to English translator. Add the steak, turning to coat, cover and refrigerate at least 1 hour and up to 8 hours turning occasionally. During Passover, however, the rule of austerity was temporarily dropped and the seder tables were weighted down with traditional meats, fowl, wine and delicacies. In her spare time, she is an active member of the Havurat Tel Aviv congregation, and the Holyland Hash House Harriers, part of an international running and drinking disorganization.
Remove steak from the refrigerator and let stand at room temperature 15 minutes.Heat a nonstick grill pan over medium heat until hot. Transfer steak to a cutting board and let rest 5 minutes before cutting diagonally across the grain into ?-inch slices.

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