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I have a combination of copper core (All-Clad), non-stick and enameled cast iron (Le Creuset).
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If you are thinking of purchasing a good set, you need to do some homework because there are so many choices out there: cast iron, lined copper, aluminum, Anodized aluminum, stainless steel, non-stick and lined copper (just to name a few). These are super easy to clean so you have no need for special solutions; a little soap and water does the trick with these guys. The Pots and Pans Set looks like it came from the fanciest restaurant kitchen in town thanks to its hand-polished stainless steel, sturdy riveted handles and dishwasher safe construction!
You will also need to know why it is important to have at least one type of each pan (one of my favorite things is  deglazing my pans and taking advantage of that amazing fond). Non-stick pots and pans don’t need oil for cooking, so the fat content is automatically reduced.
Downside is that it is not a great heat conductor and it does not distribute heat evenly like copper does, so your food can burn easily.
Other passions include A Song of Ice and Fire, Shakespeare, Dostoyevski, and Aldous Huxley. Now kids can cook up their favorite dishes with this 8 piece set that features a colander, 3 different sized pots, an interchangeable lid and a wooden spoon and spatula.

One issue is that you must avoid cooking foods that could cause acid and alkaline (Aluminum reacts on these elements). Sounds prohibitive, but it is a one-time buy that will last you your entire life with proper care. Store everything neatly in the included, space-saving metal storage rack when play time is finished.
Since non-stick pots and pans have a special coating that keeps the food from sticking into the surface, there is no need to stand at the sink for hours. This is not an issue with any of the copper pans that you will find in the market as they are now lined with stainless steel or aluminum for protection. If you still want to purchase stainless steel, make sure they have a thick layer of aluminum or a copper core below to aid in heat conduction. These pans are good for someone who’s just getting started and for those who are short on time.
It really makes sense to spend a little extra money when buying a set of pots and pans, it will save you lots of aggravation and grief when cooking. It is important to use plastic tools with these guys as metal can scrape off the non-stick coating.
They will require a lot of care and can be quite heavy (as a novice cook it is quite easy to burn your forearms if these pots are not held properly). Anodized aluminum is placed in a chemical bath that is then treated to an electric current.
Start with a 7 ?enameled cast iron quart dutch oven and you will never mess up a roasted chicken again, also grab a nice cast iron frying pan.

Also the non-stick coating (Teflon) can release dangerous fumes when heated to 680F, so it is very important to keep an eye on these pans when they are being used. Even if your pans say they are dishwasher safe, I recommend that you spend the time washing them by hand with detergents that do not contain lemon or chlorine.
Basically, the cookware is coated in this process to prevent the reaction of acidic and alkaline foods and helps prevent sticking and discoloration.
If you opt to go with a non-coated set, you will need to season your cast iron pots and pans. For non-coated cast iron, when you see food sticking to the pot or pan; or your pan is turning gray you may need to season your pan. Just keep in mind that Aluminum is a softer metal, so it won’t hurt to be careful and avoid denting your new pots and pans. Seriously, buy them used or purchase using coupons if you have to, but get the right equipment, your tongue and tummy  will thank you. For regular care of a non-coated cast iron pot or pan, start by letting your pot cool before washing. If food has stuck on your cast iron, let the pot cool, fill it with warm soapy water and let it sit for 20 minutes to a half hour.

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