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When paint and wallpaper just aren’t enough to fill the space, consider creating custom wall art instead. From photographs to 3D pieces and everything in between, there’s a project out there to suit every style. Here are a few clever (and unexpected) DIYs to serve as inspiration.Paint ChipsHow many times have you visited the hardware store and picked up a paint chip?
This modern piece featured on A Beautiful Mess provides the perfect use for all those colorful souvenirs.

For a unified look, stick to two or three colors and vary the shades, or mix it up with random hues for an eclectic feel.This paint chip mosaic featured by Better Living Through Design is an artistic addition to any empty wall. Be sure to choose an image with details that translate well on a large scale- anything too intricate will be difficult to recreate.CalendarsEveryone looks at a calendar at some point during the day.
This twelve frame calendar series from Indigo Bunting packs a punch with its colorful layout and season themes. The magnetic back means you can customize the arrangement- display on a fancy metal board and hang as wall art.

The 3D nature of this deer head is a charming way to incorporate animals in your home’s design.

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Rubric: Kitchen Pot Lid Storage Ideas


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