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Your dolls are certainly getting their cooking skills on with the help of these darling Dollhouse Miniature Pot and Pan Set! Note: By changing your country, the pricing will display in the currency of the chosen country. While repeating the following mantra, take a pinch of Akshata rice and throw behind you from above the shoulder.
Uthiistanthu bhutha pishacha ha ethae bhumi karakaa ha, Ethae sha mavirodhena devi karma samaarabhe.

Mama upaatha samastha durithakshaya dwaara sri parameshwari preethyardham adhya brahmanaha dwiteeya paraardhe swetha varaha kalpe vaivashvanthara manvanthare kaliyuge pradhama paade Ramanaka Varshe, Aindra khande, uttara America dese Dallas nagare (your city) varthamaana vyaavahaarika chaandramaanena vikruthi naama samvatsare,(this will change each year) dakshinaayane, varsha ruthow, sraavana mase, shukla pakshe shubha thithou sukravaasare,  Purva Aashaada (this will change each year) nakshathre shubha yoge, shubha karane, evam guna visheshena visishtaayam shubha thithow sri mathyaha (the person who performs this puja should say her gothra, rasi, star, fullname. Kalasasya mukhe vishnuhu kante Rudra samaasrithaha moole thathra sthitho brahma, madhye mathrugana smruthaha. Sprinkle already mixed panchamrutham on the deity with a flower and disburse the rest as prasadam later. We always seek to improve ourselves for the benefit of the customer and hope to provide the best shopping experience possible.

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