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Sponsored Links are keyword-targeted advertisements provided through the Google AdWords™ program. Paula Deen cookware has always been about combining style and functionality and the Savannah cookware collection is no different. Featured here is the Paula Deen Savannah Collection 17-Piece set although it is also available as a 12-piece package. For the Paula Deen Savannah 12-Piece set, what would be missing from the above list would be the covered saute pan, a nylon tool and the 2 cookie pans. The Savannah set have contoured handles with matching colors which are double riveted to the body of the pieces for sturdiness.
Satin ivory interior – Most nonstick cookware would have a black surface on the inside but the Savannah pots and pans have an attractive light colored interior instead. Food release – The nonstick coating releases food easily when cooking that nothing sticks to the pan. Stay cool handles – The handles stay cool during cooking with its rubber-like material. I was trying to find out what the non-stick coating is made out of, because it was light colored I was thinking it was one of the newer ceramic type finishes.
I have found that the best product to use for removing stains or discoloration from the white interior is Barkeeper’s Friend. It has glass lids to monitor the food while cooking without losing heat, moisture, or nutrients.
Upon purchasing this pink cookware set $10 will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. Steam cooking is very healthy and delicious too as it preserves flavor, vitamins and minerals.
Orka 12-Ounce Oval Silicone Steamer is perfect for quick, healthy and delicious microwave cooking.
Calypso Basics 3-Piece Microwave pink Steamer Set is perfect for microwaving, storage or freezing. Orka Gourmet 27-Ounce Silicone Round Steamer is a healthy way to cook your vegetables and other foods. Orka Personal 20-Ounce Steamer is made from non-stick, stain-resistant silicone and has easy-grip handles. Check out the variety of pink teapots and tea kettles below that are both functional and decorative. Calypso Basics 2-2-Quart Enamel-on-Steel Whistling Pink Teakettle will brighten up your kitchen. RSVP Stoneware 6-Cup capacity pink teapot is a very pretty teapot and adds beauty to your home. Yedi Houseware Classic Coffee and Tea White Dots 20 Ounce bubblegum pink teapot is scattered with classic polka dot with a modern look. Hues&Brews 42-Ounce capacity pink teapot is a pretty looking teapot which is made from high-fired ceramic.
Terramoto Ceramic Polka Dots 6 Cups capacity Pink teapot is both functional and decorative.
Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles Pink Teapot makes a perfect addition to your antiques collection or it will make a perfect classic home decor piece.
Amsterdam 2 Cup pink teapot is a cute little teapot that is both high quality and affordable. Pink Rose Classic 6 Cup Ceramic Teapot makes a perfect gift or beautiful addition to your kitchen. Hello Kitty design pink teapot set is a teapot and teacup combination where you can stack the teacup below the teapot.

Churchill China Brook Pink Tea Pot looks like a classic piece with it’s beautiful design and scenary that you will never cease to enjoy it during tea time! Oggi Stainless Steel pink Whistling Tea Kettle has a pink enamel finish and has 3 – 4 cup capacity. Belleek Neptune 7″ high pink Tea Kettle is a classic piece with a shell motif, pink and gold accents and shell legs that makes a wonderful addition to your Neptune and Archival Collections. Pink Rose Porcelain Tea Set by Collections Etc is a one-cup stackable tea set where the teacup is stacked below the teapot. Fiona 21pc Tea Set includes One 36 ounce tea pot, 6 teacups and saucers, cream and sugar and 6 dessert plates. Stock Pots are useful for making stocks which in turn can be used for adding flavors to pasta, sauce, soup, rice, stews, braises etc.
The pink Calypso Basics 8-Quart Stockpot with Glass Lid is perfect for pastas, sauces and soups.
Grill pans are perfect for grilling indoors during bad weather whereas, griddle pans are perfect for preparing pancakes, grilled sandwiches, omelets and quesadillas.
The raised ribs in the grill pan offers healthy cooking with little to no oil in the foods. Available in a few colors, it is suitable for those who like a bit of color for their pots and pans for a touch of modernity in the kitchen decor. At the time of review, the price difference between the 2 sets is about $30, which is less than the cost of the saute pan individually.
The interior has a nonstick coating with satin ivory finish while the exterior is made of porcelain enamel to give the pieces the different colors.
Combined with the colorful exterior, it is really stylish to look at compared to traditional nonstick cookware. The whole Savannah 17-piece cookware set weighs about 18 pounds – just the right weight for those who like to cook with lighter pots and pans. Repeated use of any pots and pans are bound to show wear and tear and given the light colored cooking surface, you should expect stains to appear after a while. Although the number of pieces are more, it also costs about $40 to $50 extra compared to the Signature based on the list price at the time of writing. Well, it does have good reviews from buyers, so apart from the looks, you do have a functional set here. So, if that is the case, compare the prices when purchasing and see if the additional cost is worth the difference in style for the Savannah Collection then. Unfortunately, the details of the nonstick coating is not mentioned anywhere in their product description and therefore, buyers can only guess what it might be. Following are the collection of steam cookers or steamers for your healthy cooking alternative.
The steamer is made from pure silcone that has a non-stick and stain-resistant surface and features rigid, easy to grip handles. The steamer is made of silicone and has non-stick, stain resistant surface and a easy to grasp handles. It is made from enamel-on-steel and has a heat tempered glass lid that is stainless steel rimmed to avoid chipping or breaking. The following pink teapots and teakettles will be perfect for your pink kitchen or your pink tea party.
It is constructed from a seamless one piece stoneware which is great for holding heat more effectively. This 5 cup 7″ tall pink teapot is made from ceramics and is both microwave and dishwasher Safe. It is a 21 oz capacity hand-crafted teapot with cherry blossom design which symbolizes new beginnings, love and beauty.

The 32-ounce tea pot is constructed from high-fired earthenware and is both microwave and dishwasher safe. This is a 9.7 oz teapot and has a teacup that can be stacked below the teapot to warm while the tea steeps. The unique design can be a great conversation starter and makes a good home decor piece too.
It is beautifully designed with pink flowers all over the set and is a dishwasher safe but not microwave safe. Here are the collection of pink stock pots that makes a perfect addition to your pink kitchen as well as for making stocks at your home. It is made from enamel-on-steel and has a glass heat tempered lid, which are safe upto 572 degrees Fahrenheit, with stainess steel rim to prevent chipping or breaking. It is made from enamel-on-steel and comes with a matching color lid and it has measurements listed inside the pot on two sides.
They are made of enamel-on-steel with stainless steel rims and have a heat tempered glass lid.
These sizes are perfect for small to medium quantities and are great for soups, sauces, rices and pastas.
The KitchenAid Cook For the Cure 11-Inch Round Grill and 10-Inch Round Griddle has 3 coat nonstick surface that includes hard-base ceramic primer that provides excellent food release and durability. The pots and pans are oven-safe up to 350°F while the bakeware can withstand a higher temperature of up to 500°F. Not many sets have a white cooking surface except for ceramic ones like the WearEver Pure Living cookware. Unless you do like to have the cookie pans and nylon tools, the only other extra between the two sets is the 1.5-quart covered saucepan.
The question is do you want to pay more for a more attractive light colored interior compared to the same company’s Signature collection?
Generally, I feel that nonstick porcelain enamel cookware is good to look at and some people do buy it for the visual appeal. This 18-Ounce teapot is made from ceramic and comes with a 9-Ounce mug, creamer and a tray.
The 8 quart stock pot had a German enforced crafted handles and the 1.5 quart comes with standard handles.
But in terms of quality and durability, it can be one big question mark, especially when compared to good old stainless steel cookware.
This tea set is made from Porcelain and features a classic pink-rose pattern accented with butterflies & trimmed in shiny antique gold all over. This tea set is covered with Chintz pattern of pink roses and each piece is accented with gold trim and this makes it not suitable for dishwasher or microwave.
If you want more color options, you can also take a look at the Paula Deen Signature Collection porcelain cookware. Although the Emeril set has only 13-pieces, it has bigger sizes which is more practical than the Savannah.
The Signature has a rounded shape with speckles adorning the pots and pans while the Savannah has a scalloped shape with no patterns visible on the outside.

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