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Compact and lightweight at 2.16-pounds, the HMC40 is a versatile HD camcorder offering high-quality AVCHD recordings, high-resolution still photo capture, an easy-to-use SD card workflow, and professional audio capabilities for a wide range of applications and markets including schools, government agencies, event videographers, web designers and more. Using high-capacity SD memory cards, the HMC40 provides hours of beautiful high definition recordings at professional level bit rates. After using it for this little time I have managed to work around its many controls and get exactly what I want from it, the response to low light is not the best but it’s decent, you can always add a good light for little money and resolve that problem, also the sound quality is excellent, I didn’t get the optional xlr adapter piece for it but I am using a 8mm wireless mic system that combined with this little fellow deliver great results!!
Second: Size and weight, Until very recently, a Pro Video Camera came in two sizes, large and super large.
Third: You have all this quality being recorded on SDHC cards (my advise is Class 10 30mbs or better).
I did not get the XLR adapter, but was satisfied with the RODE Video Mic connected to the HMC40′s miniplug. The shoulder mounted Full-HD 1080P AVCCAM features exceptional ergonomics and functionality, simultaneous recording to dual SD Cards, 21x optical zoom and intelligent auto mode (iA) with up to 50x zoom.  The AG-AC8’s exciting feature set makes it perfect for a range of professional and semi-professional users that require the best performance in applications such as weddings, business seminars and conferences, documentaries and nature films, sporting events and other events and shows. With dual SD card slots and the capability to record simultaneously, the AC8’s new relay Auto Switch functionality means extended recording is made possible and signature Panasonic reliability and dependability is ensured so precious moments are continuously captured.  Relay scene uses an external hard disk drive to enable continuous recording of audio, without voice loss when the file recording destination SD card swaps during Auto Switch continuous recording. When used for digital still photography, the camera captures photos with 10.6-megapixel resolution directly onto the SD card as a JPEG image. I like using seperate sound on a tascam or fostex digital recorder with four seperate channels (mic 1, mic 2, wild background). The additional problem here is that the general public became used to seeing these monstrosities at events, and broadcasts.

Recording on SDHC cards will be a liberating experience for people who used tape in the past. With this lens, every important aspect of in the scene is within shot also making the camera suitable for professional shooting at sports events, weddings and documentaries and films where flexibility and convenient ease of use is often required. It is called the LUMIX DMC-GH1.Panasonic touts the GH1 as a “creative HD hybrid, offering professional-level still cameras and HD video performance” that is easy enough for entry-level DSLR consumers.
Elle peut produire des images en qualite 4K, meme lorsque vous filmez du contenu a petit budget dans un petit studio. I’m an intermediate producer in training with lots of self study and attended a few great workshops. But you should use something faster than just class 6 SDHC media if you want to bump up the quality a little, otherwise you might get some artifacts (image problems) with fast motion and striped clothing. After shooting a short this weekend I think this is going to be a good two year relationship. Many Video Camera Professionals still look for these monstrosities simply to appease their clients visual expectations. While I am still exploring the possibilities of what this camera is capable of I have already come to appreciate the advantages that it offers in controlling the picture quality.
And unlike HDV tapes, video and photos can be accessed randomly and immediately from the SD cards and played back on a number of consumer devices. AVCCAM offers the benefit of a fast, file-based workflow using widely available and reasonably priced SD memory cards.

In the “Professional Video Camera World”, That is tantamount to saying a steal!!! This is the wrong approach, we should stop breaking our backs with our equipment, and instead educate the public of the technological advances that have benefited this industry.
The ability to accurately focus quickly as well as to control hot spots in the picture area with the manual f stop control is greatly appreciated. I will not go into features and functions, the description of this Camera is given in detail on the product description portion of this page.
The touch tone screen control works effectively and the ability to choose any three settings for quick access is valuable.
The ability to do Time Lapse photography is something I have always wanted in a camera and this one does a excellent job. I printed it off and use it all the time in teaching myself the ins and outs of the superb tool. This is a camera for the person who is serious about creating artistic works that go beyond just shooting a video record.
While I’m sure that the Panasonic AG-40 would fit in well with professional TV applications I think that this camera will open up a new world for the serious non-professional who desires to create personal masterpieces.

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