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I have said a lot of times before how my love for cooking was nurtured at a very young age, while I watched and helped with chopping vegetables and slicing onions (Spanish red onions so imagine the tears I have cried).
I got this pasta dish inspiration from a local supermarket food magazine, lemon spaghetti with shaved yellow squash.
Use a spoon or large spatula and mix until the mixture comes together and is fully combined.  The dry cracker crumbs will help to soak up any residual moisture and the eggs and grated Parmesan will bind the mixture. I got the idea for this curry from someone at my Slimming World group, who had seen it online. I decided to make a vegetable curry for myself and a chicken curry for my boyfriend (I'm not vegetarian so there was no problem with cooking it in the same pan). I was going to make a korma but I found this bag of tandoori masala spice mix in the supermarket reduced from about £3 to just 45p, so decided to try this instead. I'm sending this to Let's Cook with Coconut, a new food blogging challenge for September hosted by Simply Sensational Food. Thought I’d make it more interesting and appealing so I changed some of the ingredients and added mushrooms.

It's an interesting take on a low fat curry - as a korma usually uses creamed coconut, which is high in fat, instead use a coconut Mullerlight yogurt. I had roasted some butternut squash the previous day so as it was already cooked, I cut it into cubes and put it into a frying pan with some large chunks of red onion and yellow pepper.
The original recipe also called for low fat natural yogurt but I felt the curry had enough sauce - if you were making it to serve 4 I would recommend adding the natural yogurt. When I started a food blog three years ago, I was surprised by the fact that there were still so many ingredients I have not tried cooking with. And yes, that is the one with the chocolate sprinkles - but the sprinkles dissolve and you don't notice or taste them! I was delighted at the same time because when you are blogging, you get more inspired to try out new produce and challenge yourself to create something that excites the taste buds..
I got curious so I Google-d  for ways to prepare them and found out that these yellow squashes can be cooked whole (because of their small size) or sliced, then simply sauteed or stir-fried.
To make the squash cakes: Grate the zucchini and yellow squash, then ring in paper towels or a kitchen towel to remove any excess moisture.

And for those vegetarian nights,  adding some sliced zucchinis and capsicums will turn this into a vegetarian dish. Versatile, simple and tasty, these yellow squashes are sure summer delight. On the stove top, heat around 4 tablespoons of olive oil over medium-high heat in a sauce pan.
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A few additional drizzles of olive oil will need to be added to the pan between frying the squash cake. Don't attempt to flatten the squash cakes until you turn them, the batter is sticky and it will only stick to the spatula. Flatten to about ¾ inches thick, then cook on the other side for another 4 minutes or until cooked through.

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