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Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoyed my recipes :-) Your comments mean the world to me. Down home cooking by Ketha's Kitchen in Concord, North Carolina by way of Huntsville, Alabama.
Enjoy the mouthwatering images as Marketha serves up healthy, hearty dishes for her family and shares them with us! Bitter orange chicken with a tarragon, citrus, vanilla butter cream sauce served with a warm purple endive salad made with leek, mushrooms, and couscous tossed in rice vinegar. Pan seared Red Snapper with arugla salad tossed in a lemon- roasted yellow pepper sauce over a bed of fried onion and carrot straws.
Creativity is continually running a muck in Boston!  From great food and the phenomenal bartenders, there's NEVER a dull moment! I walked into fried food heaven and survived with all coronary arteries patent and intact!
Kerala style fish dishes are the most flavourful and delicious.One of the best things about having grown up in Kerala is that almost every other day I had enjoyed fish dishes, either as fried or as fish curry, that too catch of the day.

First of all, we have to prepare fish for marination, for that heat a pan into that add oil. Heat a frying pan , pour some oil following with our marinated fish , Fry both the sides well in lowest flame. I was drained with few personal priorities that kept me away from blogging but I am so glad to get back on tract.
Its one of the easiest and widely available variety of fish and the cheapest of all fishes. Do not keep flipping sides of the fish while its cooking, this will only result in under cooked fish and also tend to break. My reviews cover a multitude of different food & cocktail related events from food trucks to philanthropic food-related events and festivals.
The slaw is a made with radicchio, brussel sprouts, carrots, caramelized onions, garlic and mustard.
Do not flip over often, low-medium heat for prolonged time…will yield extra-crispy fish.

Into that i am going to add the chopped onions and make it cook for 10 mins at the lowest flame.
The next day take the fish out and bring it to room temperature (30-40 mins) and then heat pan with oil and place the fish and let it cook on each side for 6-7 minutes such that the fish is fully cooked. I'm a huge advocate of the nose-to-tail movement and an avid enthusiast of prohibition era and craft cocktails! A diet that regularly incorporates these nutrients may significantly benefit your health by preventing serious medical conditions.

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