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Vegan Fajitas are also incredibly simple to make, which means you and your sister can simultaneously make Margaritas! This queso is also delicious as a dip or served on vegan nachos or any other Tex-Mex dishes you come up with!  Enjoy! I have never made cashew “cheese” but this just might be the recipe that inspires me! I’ve only made it a few times and am still experimenting, but it’s heaps of fun and delicious!

I have yet to make any type of nut cheese but I loved queso before being vegan so I’m eager to give this a try! Add the mushrooms and coriander (and any other ‘delicate’ veggies) to the pan later on, so they don’t shrink too much. I am finding that more and more though- even if I didn’t like the non-vegan version, the vegan version is AMAZING. Once the veggies are almost cooked, add a Mexican Fajita seasoning packet or a few teaspoons of spice mix and stir in well.

SERVE with colourful bowls of salsa, guacamole, cashew queso, and warmed tortillas, and let everyone roll their own.

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