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Please note: only the ingredient list has been updated, you will need to allow for different cooking times, temperatures and quantities in each step. First roast the chiles by placing them on your hot grill or directly on top of your stove burner. Add the cream and boil on medium heat until cream is reduced by half and sauce is thickened. If you have tried this grilled salmon with hatch chile cream sauce recipe, what did you think of it?

If you feel that the chocolate cake you just made needs more chocolate then remind yourself here for when you cook it again. These two kosher baked salmon recipes will be a welcome additions to  your weeknight meal rotation and lovely for the Shabbat fish course. Depending on the thickness of your salmon and your grilling temperature, it'll take about 5-10 minutes to grill.
Line a large baking pan with aluminum foil, place salmon on foil and pour on marinade.

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