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Remember the many times when you were smitten by the fashionable collection of those high-end stores? We master at finding new customers and retaining the old ones; no tricks involved, we promise! The Solid Wood lumber [Mango, Sheesham or Teak] needs to be procured at an optimum level of dryness to avoid infestation.
The rough lumber is then sliced into selected length to match the furniture specifications. Each piece of furniture is then quality checked for dimensions, design accuracy, finish quality, raw materials used and exactness of the wood colour at the manufacturers location.
Each piece of furniture is packed with four layers of packaging – bubble wraps, corrugated roles, outer cartons and shrink films. All furniture items are shipped using dedicated trucks to the Pepperfry distribution centres.

The overall experience right from selecting the product till the delivery was very smooth without any hassles.
One thing which makes you stand out is the wide range of products on your website and the easy access to it.
Please note that you will lose items in your current cart if you login with a different email ID. Our high quality products, impressive assortment, dependable customer support, and committed after sales have helped us beautify many Indian homes, with many more in the making. All raw materials are sourced by manufacturers from the pre-approved suppliers only to ensure standardisation and best quality. These panels are then glued and are placed into a pneumatic clamp carrier where constant and even pressure insures only the best joints.
All corners are additionally covered with protectors and void spaces are filled using filling material to ensure minimal transit damage.

The products are then further delivered at customer’s door step using our own last-mile-delivery infrastructure. Sanding is also needed in order to ensure that a wood stain soaks in to the wood surface properly. After sanding the wood is stained using solvent based strainers as per the colour selected.

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