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Other Features : The Cooking surface of the Kitchen Chef Non Stick Cookware products is Firstly Sand Blasted & Secondly Coated with - PTFE coatings to give it a lifetime Super Non Stick effect. Please note that all the submitted posts are moderated and it may take 3-5 business days for it to appear on the site. Featuring a Thermospot it will show you when it is perfectly pre-heated in order to seal in the flavour of your food. Plus, I like to know what my family are eating instead of feeding them those dreaded 'ready meals' that are found in the 'lonely fatboy' isle at the local supermarkets.What I find when it comes to cooking is that if you have the right equipment then the job in hand is a whole lot easier to do. Made from aluminium in a traditional black design it has an anti-abrasion copper speckled base making it incredibly tough and hard-wearing. But if you try and cook something using the wrong pots and pans then things can so easily go wrong.And it's pans that I am talking about here. A spiral induction bottom enables even heating and faster cooking and is compatible for induction cooking. But not any old pan, it's a pan that not only makes cooking a lot easier it also help out in the washing up department, which makes the wife happy as she doesn't have to spend too long in front of the sink.This pan that I am waffling about.

You can easily cook anything from vegetables to pancakes or use this fry pan for shallow frying. One that I have been using for quite some time and one that has lasted longer than some more expensive pans, and a lot lot longer than those cheap and nasty ones that you get in the pound shop, is a well known branded pan with a little red spot that identifies it in a unique way.And now I've mentioned the red spot you've probably guessed the brand of the pan that I am talking about.
As well as having excellent quality non-stick coating, it has great ability to spread the heat evenly and a tough base that allows heat to penetrate well without being too harsh.
No, it's not Jamie Oliver's new range nor is it some other cook who craves for the publicity and loves putting their names to anything they can find. It is in fact, yes, you at the back, the one wearing the glasses, you've guessed it, it is in fact the good old Tefal range of non-stick pans that have the Tefal trademark that is the little red heat spot that sits in the centre of their full range of pans.This particular pan that I am going on about is actually one of the Tefal range of frying pans, ranging from an egg pan to an industrial sized wok, with this pan being more towards the smaller end than the industrial end. The dish section is quite deep too, being about 35mm in fact, making sure that there's room to swill the food stuff that you put into the pan so that it doesn't over flow, spilling out onto your cooker, burning into a black smelly crumbling mess on your hob, which is a nightmare to clean off, (or so the wife tells me???).
Although the metal 'strap' that connects the handle to the pan can get quite hot and it will burn your fingers if you touch it after it has just come off the heat.
But what makes these Tefal ones so special is that they have a remarkable way of making sure that your food never sticks to any part of the pan, inside or out.The outside of the pan is also designed to be non stick so that it is easier to clean.

It is covered, or more coated, in something called PTFE non stick solution, which makes the pans so easy to clean, especially if, or more when, you spill things over the side of the pan as you cook away.Plus, which is the main reason how you can recognise the Tefal range, you'll notice that inside the pan, right in the centre, there is a red 'spot' with the Tefal name etched around the edges in an arc form. This is known as the Thermospot indicator, (or Hot spot as I call it), which isn't the name of the local nightclub, it is a spot in the pan that tells you when the pans surface has reached the right temperature.
The red spot begins to change as the heat reaches into and around the pan, with the Tefal name beginning to disappear and the spot fading.
But unless you have OCD or just like to have your pans on show looking sparklingly clean then this slight discolouration should not matter. My pans all look like they have been through the wars but I find it adds to the 'well used' kitchen look.

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