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Ceramic is extra strong,durable natural materialwhich can withstand very hightemperatures without leavingharmful residues in food. Nolta ceramic curry chattieshave got a classicallyinspired design adapted forcontemporary use.They offerfabulous style in addition togreat hygiene. Uniquely incorporated handlesin ceramic chatties not only lendelegance to them but also makethe handling easier. A much needed feature thathelps to achieve precisionin cooking, these perfectlypositioned steam holes do agreat safety job as well.
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Diversely popular among housewives, these cookware are highly efficient and require little oil or water to prevent the food from sticking with availability in different size and volume capacities. Nolta Pressure cooker upholds the time and energy saving principles while applying the latest inductionbased technology. Intricately designed, we manufacture a range of Non Stick Cookware where variety of foods can be cooked quickly and efficiently. Perfect for making any curry dish, they are beautiful enough to go straight even to the dining table.

Salient attributes include fine finish, quick and even heating, easy to clean, durable, corrosion and stain resistance.

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