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Of course, you'll need to have a well-stocked spice rack to accompany your high-end gadgets. Salmon is a wonderful fish that can be prepared at nearly any temperature between raw (as in sushi) and fully cooked.
I mentioned in my blog post on “The Emerging Science of Gastrophysics” symposium held at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters in Copenhagen that we were treated with what was for me the best conference lunch ever. The popular Science & Cooking lectures at Harvard are back again (in fact they started September 4th). Khymos is powered by WordPress, using a modified Contender theme incorporating dropdown menus by Pixopoint. Marcel Vigneron knows what some TV viewers think of him, and he attempts to banish such notions at the start of "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" (10 p.m. Viewers will judge for themselves when the former Bainbridge Island resident debuts in the first of six episodes that showcase Vigneron as head of an L.A. In Tuesday's premiere, Vigneron's team caters a fundraiser for a wildlife sanctuary, concocting an appetizer that looks like a bird's nest of potato shavings (an egg in the nest is made from inflated mozzarella cheese injected with a tomato water foam). With a look that's one part Robert Pattinson, one part Wolverine, Vigneron is ready-made for TV.
A 1998 graduate of Bainbridge High, Vigneron, 30, got his start working in restaurant kitchens on Bainbridge Island. After high school, Vigneron studied at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y. I have previously written about how you can cook a perfect steak with a simple DIY sous vide technique. Both comments and pings are currently closed, but you can reach me with the contact form on the dropdown menu under "About Khymos".
You should switch the axes on the above curve, since presumably the fish thickness is the independent variable – which should just make it easier to read off the required cooking time. This recipe is really great, but I need to get assurance that this recipe meets all hygienic and food safety regulations. 2) Whole fish, steaks or fillets will all work – just measure the thickness and read the appropriate time out of the graph.
Molecular gastronomy, or deconstructivist cooking, is the art and science of using physical and chemical transformations of ingredients to recreate ordinary dishes in extraordinary ways. A­The colloidal systems described above involve only two phases, or states of matter -- gas and liquid or solid and liquid. A good digital scale is indispensable and can even be used for nonculinary tasks, such as evaluating nutritional content or even calculating postage.
We've already discussed alginate and calcium chloride -- the two chemicals needed for spherification.
Version 3.0 of Texture features many new recipes, , more pictures (A big THANK YOU to all contributing photographers!), a new chapter on non-hydrocolloid gels + many minor additions and corrections. Metric Association have advocated metrication for nearly 100 years, many cookbooks still use US customary weights and volume measures. Well, here’s my small contribution based on my own christmas tree design as well as the classical Penrose kite and dart. Later on the same day we even had a chance to visit the Nordic food lab, located on a house boat anchored up in Christianshavn, right next to restaurant noma. He was runner-up in the second season of "Top Chef" and gained a reputation among fans as an arrogant love-to-hate-him character. He traces his first memories of cooking back to childhood, when his mom, Sandra Phelan, took him along to a restaurant where she worked.
Vigneron said he spent time working in several Seattle-area restaurants early in his career, including Flying Fish (he also spent time in Alaska, where friends run a commercial fishing company), before moving on to upscale restaurants in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Of course low temperature cooking applies equally well to fish with the only difference that the temperature can be turned down even lower. In stead of keeping the fish at a constant temperature (which requires quite some attention unless you have a thermostated waterbath), in this method, as the hot water cools, the temperature of the fish increases until they’re at the same temperature.
According to the HACCP standards for preparing poultry (check the table in the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the US Department of Agricultures) the critical control point is 25 minutes of simmering a boneless chicken breast.

It has tables for recommended pasteurisation times for different types of meat (poultry, beef, pork and fish).
An element, such as carbon, hydrogen or oxygen, can't be broken down into other substances. A colloid is a material composed of tiny particles of one substance that are dispersed, but not dissolved, in another substance. His method abbreviates phases with letters and uses symbols and numbers to represent processes and sizes of molecules, respectively. Showing molecule sizes is important because the size of solid particles in a colloid helps determine its properties. Most cookbooks will tell you that there are hundreds of French sauces, which are generally classified into white sauces, brown sauces, tomato sauces, the mayonnaise family and the hollandaise family. Molecular gastronomists take advantage of other scientific principles to prepare world-class dishes. Another important gelling agent is methylcellulose, which congeals in hot water, then becomes liquid again as it cools. Given the many recent books about molecular gastronomy and modernist cuisine I have certainly asked myself: Is there a need for a revision of Texture? When following a recipe calling for teaspoons, tablespoons, fluid ounces, cups, pints, quarts or even gallons, I’ve often found myself using conversion websites such as Convert-me, picking ingredients from a list and entering the amount and unit. Beyond temperature salmon can be combined with salt, sugar, acids, liquorice or even smoke.
But faithful readers have emailed me corrections and tips, notified me of typos and sent pictures – all of which I have incorporated. Here are some pictures and impressions from the lunch and the following visit to the Nordic food lab. Like in previous years the public lecture series is given alongside the course “Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to the Science of Soft Matter” which is reserved for currently enrolled Harvard students.
Molecular gastronomy involves the use of chemistry and nontraditional techniques and equipment to execute culinary creations (Vigneron often uses liquid nitrogen in preparing his meals).
In TV, that ensures a return engagement (he also appeared on the recent "Top Chef All-Stars"). By following the recipes found on this site and in the kit you will be able to experiment with ingredients in ways previously possible only to professional chefs. A compound is composed of two or more A­elements joined chemically in a definite proportion. This discovered that all the French classical sauces belong to only 23 groups based on the type of CDS used to make the sauce. Emulsifiers are a must for maintaining a uniform dispersion of one liquid in another, such as oil in water.
This works OK for single ingredients, but is less practical when converting a complete recipe.
It’s 2013 now, but the cookie cutters were actually printed in 2012!) As a follow-up to my post on cookie tessallations a friend helped me print cookie cutters so I could make ginger bread cookies with a minimal waste of dough. The course is a joint effort of The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (“SEAS”) and the Alicia Foundation.
These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. Compounds -- water, ammonia and table salt are examples -- have properties that are separate and distinct from their constituent elements. The accompanying table shows some of the most important types of colloids you come across in cooking. The classic example is ice cream, which is made by churning a mixture of milA­k, eggs, sugar and flavorings as it is slowly chilled.
Not only that, This found that it was possible to move backward from a formula to a brand-new sauce never before prepared in any kitchen.
You can also buy a thermal bath to provide precise heating of your water bath.Hypodermic syringe.
With three seemingly simple ingredients I was able to form a tender, fragile gel within minutes.

As a toolbox for chefs and amateur cooks I still believe that this collection is unique for several reasons: the ranking of recipes according to the amount of hydrocolloid used, the texture index and the total number of recipes (339 in total).
I therefore made a calculator to convert volumetric units to grams based on densities of a range of common ingredients. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, click here. Finally, a mixture is a combination of suA­bstances that aren't held together chemically and, as a result, can be separated by physical means, such as filtration or sedimentation. The churning disperses air bubbles into the mixture by foaming and breaks up large ice crystals. You may shudder at the sight of a needle, but you may have to overcome your fear if you want to practice molecular gastronomy. Finally, more and more molecular gastronomists are turning to transglutanimase, a chemical that causes proteins to stick together.
To the best of my knowledge no other cook books have taken the same approach to collect and systemize recipes this way. It has greatly simplified the task for me, and perhaps you’ll find it useful as well?
A problem encountered when heating salmon is the liquid that oozes out as the muscle is heated, and solidifies once it hits a hot surface. The result is a complex substance involving solids (milk fats and milk proteins), liquids (water) and gases (air) in at least two colloidal states. Because meat is protein, chefs can do inventive things with transglutaminase, such as removing all fat from a steak and gluing it back together or fashioning noodles from shrimp meat. And judging by the feedback I have received many chefs and food enthusiasts around the world have found Texture to be a useful resource in the kitchen (to which the 80.000 downloads from Khymos alone also testify). If so, please send them to me ASAP (either as a comment to this post or to webmaster (a) khymos dot org.
Some chefs also use them to inject liquids into meat to enhance flavor and texture.Liquid nitrogen.
What puzzled me was that, as I dug up more recipes, the different instructions were specific, but also contradictive. I do not regard Texture as a competitor to the numerous books available, but rather as a supplement. At a temperature of -321 degrees F (-196 degrees C), liquid nitrogen will flash freeze any food it touches. Inspiration for cooking is best sought elsewhere, but if Texture can inspire to experimentation with the texture of foods I believe it has fulfilled its mission. If you’re willing to share the pictures they could very well end up being included in the update. As it boils away, it gives off a dense nitrogen fog that can add atmosphere and drama to food preparation.
Now that I have a fairly good understanding of the science behind ginger milk curd it is clear that the many recipes I had found were full of kitchen myths. Of course I’d also love to hear your suggestions for further recipes that would complement and expand the collection. Unfortunately, liquid nitrogen must be transported in specially made flasks and can be dangerous if it touches skin. The Anti-Griddle, a product of PolyScience, looks like a traditional cooktop, but it doesn't heat up food.
Manufactured by International Cooking Concepts, the Gastrovac is three tools in one: a Crock-pot, a vacuum pump and a heating plate. In its low-pressure, oxygen-free atmosphere, the Gastrovac cooks food faster at lower temperatures, which helps the food maintain its texture, color and nutrients.

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