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The 4-stars Demeyere MULTIFUNCTION frying pans are ideal for everyone who loves working with quality materials. With Atlantis Demeyere reached the pinnacle in the field of quality cookware in stainless steel, without abandoning the tradition and pleasure of cooking.

Each piece, pan, pot, frying pan, use a technology appropriate to the meat prepared with the product. Like anyone else, John Pawson know how people, spaces and objects can be brought into harmony, be it a house, a shop, a gallery, a bridge, a convent or a saucepan.
The combination of a complex function and a simple form gives this series a character and a unique contemporary look. The 3 mm (3.3 mm for 32 cmp) thick 7-layer material provides excellent heat conduction over its base and allows for frying on low heat. Pans heat up quickly, distribute heat evenly and retain it well for perfect searing, browning and frying.

Unlike other cookware on the market, these pans have a flat, stable base that won't bulge when heated, ensuring even cooking. Ergonomic handles stay cool on the stovetop, tight-fitting lids promote energy-efficient cooking, and rolled rims prevent spills when pouring.

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