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World renowned, and with over 25 years of experience in the business, Circulon are committed to creating cookware solutions that help make your life easier.
Additionally, the range comes with a stainless steel base which means that it is suitable for all hob types; gas, halogen, radiant ring, solid plate, ceramic and even induction. All Circulon Premier Professional products come with a lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee. This large pot with special handle and perfect pouring edge is ideal for fruit or seafood preparations. The fabulous non stick frying pan is brought to you by Circulon Elite, made from a Patented Total Ti Titanium composite with a Hi-Low Non-stick Release System which is exclusive to Circulon products and gives great resistance to abrasion and allows you to use little or no oil in your cooking making it instantly healthier for you. Circulon is a brand that has been trusted by cooks for years, when Circulon was first introduced its non stick system was so unique in durability that is was granted a patent.

The handle is made from stainless steel and silicone which is comfortable in the hand, cool to touch, so it won’t heat up and burn your hands and it is also safe for use in the oven. This frying pan’s dimensions are 32.5 cm x 11 cm x 54 cm, making it a good sized frying pan for everyday use in the home. The product’s handles are made from both silicone and stainless steel, for added comfort and grip, and the lids are made of tempered glass for your convenience when cooking. The best-selling range of pans in the Circulon collection are made from heavy-gauge, hard anodised material. The range also benefits from Circulon's patented Total ® Hi-Low food release system, which has been proven to provide outstanding non-stick performance.
This maslin pan is delivered with a stainless steel lid and is suitable for all cookers, including induction.

This means that the aluminium of the pans have been submerged in acid and then electrically charged, which oxidises the cookware’s surface.
It is this oxidisation process that gives the range not only its excellent heat conductivity and lightness, but its professional and attractive look.

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