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Just wanted to note that the pictures above look very, very similar to a cookware set IKEA has offered in the past for a ridiculously low price - like under $20. You could probably handle 90% of what you want to cook with only a skillet and a 2 or 4 quart sauce pan. A "disk" of aluminum or copper, welded to the bottom - greatly improves heat distribution from plain stainless steel. If I could only buy 2 pieces, on a budget, I would buy a cast-iron skillet and a disk-bottomed sauce pot.

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged cookware or ask your own question. Is it acceptable for paid online course to use quizzes and materials from elsewhere on the internet? I would start collecting a few pieces at a time, of reasonable quality, though you will pay a bit more per piece.
You're really not saving money if you have to replace all your cheap cookware every few years.

The purpose is even heating--aluminum conducts heat more rapidly than SS, so the heat spreads around better.

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