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This entry was posted in Cast Iron Cooking and tagged camp, camping, Camping Gear, Cast Iron Cooking, Dutch Oven Cooking. Cooking in a Dutch oven works for all types of food -- roasts, chicken, fish, stews, chili, bread, dessert, pizza and much more - you can find many easy dutch oven recipes to make these camping foods. Dutch oven outdoor cooking gives you delicious and easy camp menu ideas - a Dutch oven breakfast with sausage and eggs is one of the best Dutch oven meals you can ever have. Camping Cooking Supplies; Learn about different camp cooking methods and the supplies you need for each of them. This yummy Dutch oven chicken recipe contains only 3 ingredients - chicken, cream soup and mushrooms.  It is so simple and yet so good! Dutch oven dump cake; a recipe for a delicious dessert made with apples and spice cake in a cast iron dutch oven. Slow Cooker Pulled Pork; Find here some delicious and easy recipes that you can make while camping or at home.
As you find things you might want, simply drop them into your shopping cart - then you can delete what you don't want before you finalize your order. Your back will love this heavy-duty black steel table as it brings the action closer to you.
Pro-Logic Dutch ovens have rolled edges, recessed covers and looped handles for easier handling. Cast iron Dutch ovens impart an extraordinary hearty taste into your food, they heat evenly, and keep your food warm from the heat source to the table and throughout the meal. The other Dutch oven more commonly used in today's kitchens is also made of cast iron, but has a flat bottom with no legs, and a domed basting lid without an outer rim. The looped or side handles make it easier for you to lift your pot from inside the oven to the top of your stove or trivet. Camp Dutch ovens vary in size from 1 quarts to the largest, a 12 quart, 16 inch diameter camp Dutch oven.

There is just something addictive to the whole cooking process and the taste of the dishes prepared using a well seasoned dutch oven. High temp finish, properly sized wind screen, and the ability to fold up into a transportable package. Dutch oven campfire cooking requires using a Dutch oven tripod to hold it above the flame so it can cook at just the right temperature - you can find many Dutch oven campfire recipes for some great camp menu ideas.Baking in a Dutch oven is simply amazing - breads and desserts turn out just perfect!
We were collaborating on the smoking, me with my Traeger Li'l Tex, he with his orange cart Yoder YS640.
I had trouble with one at my vacation home after a year or more and they sent me a new heating element no problem. I bought a Lodge Dutch oven about a year ago with big ideas of cooking in it but have yet to use it. Some of you may have tried this, but it is one of our favorites in the fall when we go camping.
These ovens we sometimes call "Kitchen" Dutch ovens to differentiate them from those used over a fire or in the burning embers of a fireplace.
The only problem I have ever encountered with DO cooking is the fact that at most RV campgrounds I visit you simply cannot cook on the ground.
I have done pot roast & veggies with coals on the ground, cooked chowder on the stove top, desserts in the oven and at the campsite fire pit, used my big one to keep baked taters warm after cooking them in the coals while steaks cooked.
You can do pretty much anything with them, and I enjoy cooking with the coals and "fussing" over my cook rather than just putting it in the oven and letting it go. The original Dutch oven introduced in America during colonial times was made of heavy cast iron, had three or four short legs, and a lid with a flang around its outer edge for holding burning coals. DO cooking requires charcoal or coals from a fire to fuel the cooking process and either of those methods will burn grass. Made in the USA, the Lodge Camp Dutch Oven is manufactured using seasoned cast iron that puts most ovens to shame, and it has the history to back it up.

But after seeing a few posts here about Lodge cast iron I figured there is probably alot of ideas here. I have the Lodge Dutch Oven cooking video and have watched it, but that was when I first got it.
Kitchen Dutch ovens can be used outdoors, but their flat bottom is better suited for use on a kitchen stove top or oven.
So, unless your campsite is equipped with a fire pit, you’ll need a means of keeping the coals off the ground and containable. It comes in a variety of sizes, (1,2,4,6,8 and 10 quarts), with features like tripod legs (for direct placement into the fire), reversible lid that can be used as a grill, and a flanged lid that will hold coals.
I guess I need to watch it again, they have a few good recipes there, but still leery about using mine.
I had a big pot of venison chili I had just made and a pot of fresh greens I had just cooked. This year Lodge introduced bail-less kitchen Dutch ovens in three sizes with looped side handles.
It weighs in at 37 pounds, is built like a tank, and will surely last for many years of Dutch Oven Cooking.
With a rich history and long life, nothing beats cooking with a cast iron pot on an open fire. I took the chili and put about an inch of it in my small dutch oven and put it in the oven with the lid on at 375 until it was bubbling I then made up some corn bread mix and poured on the chili, put the lid back on and baked until the cornbread was done.

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