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Vintage cook book with catalog pages and features of West Bend Lifetime stainless steel cookware, no date that we could find (mid 50s?). It's an estate lot, and we've tried to do our best to get these pieces matched up correctly - all lids do fit tightly, and the egg poacher seems to perfectly fit the pan as we've shown it. All of these pieces have been used, and all show some scratching and wear, especially to the old black bakelite handles.
It sounds worse than it looks, these are good, old-fashioned well made pots and pans for everyday use.
The Classica Gold 10-Piece Cookware Set provides the pieces essential for day-to-day cooking. Every piece of cookware is manually inspected of any defects, several times during manufacture to ensure quality standards are maintained.
We purchased a set of heavy-bottomed pans with rubber-padded grips at Wal-Mart a couple of years ago.
My advice is take the money you would buy on a big set of less expensive things, buy a good old-fashioned cast iron frying pan, and add two Calphalon pans in the 1 to 2 quart range and a big stock pot. Debt is preventing me from taking a vacation this year or the vacation I'd like to take this year!
The Lifetime bakeware stainless steel surface provides stunning beauty and lasting durability - perfect for all you baking needs.
It is the perfect size to sauté meat, chicken, fish or vegetables preserving their texture, moisture and flavor.

The 5-ply construction consists of the Thermium-Multiplex technology that provides efficient and even heat distribution.
The heat-responsive aluminum core extends up the sides of the cookware to provide even heat distribution, eliminating any scorching and hot spots. Thoroughly wash each piece of cookware in hot, soapy water containing one-half cup white vinegar. If you want to wash the inside of the control for any reason, simply unscrew the knob assembly. After having a set of copper-bottomed Revere Ware for 15 years, I splurged on Calphalon stick-resistant.
If you need to spread out expenses, buy the larger pan first, then the smaller and then the stockpot. I have come to the realization that except for a frying pan I will never buy non-stick-coated pans again. While doing our research, we found lots of places that sell different combinations for reasonable prices. All advice should be weighed against your own abilities and circumstances and applied accordingly.
The quality in craftsmanship ensures long lasting durability and is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. A magnetized stainless steel exterior ensures compatibility with all cook tops, including induction.

White spots may occur if salt that has not fully dissolved remains at the bottom of the pan during cooking.
They are extremely durable, cheap to buy, and a little of the iron leaches into the food that is cooked in them.
It is up to the reader to determine if advice is safe and suitable for their own situation. They offer a lifetime warranty and have honored the warranty on one item that I was having problems with. Also if you ever let a pot boil dry or have something burn in a pan, the coating is permanently damaged.
We would like something that will last for a while and pans that will not lose the non-stick surface into our food.
By replacing these pans with new ones without coating, I can use whatever utensil I want and clean them however I want. Department stores often run specials on them like buying one and getting another pan with it.
This has included baked macaroni & cheese, homemade caramel, or brown sugar glazed sweet potatoes.

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