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Ti informiamo che usiamo i cookie per migliorare la tua esperienza di navigazione, studiare come viene usato il sito e comunicare con te su internet. Inspired by the simple, natural beauty of cotton and guaranteed for life, this elegant colour complements any interior style, from modern and minimalist to classic or casual. Light and neutral Cotton blends with every colour of the spectrum and reflects brightness in any space.
Cotton Cast-Iron Cookware items include our Cast-Iron Round Casserole in a selection of sizes. The range also includes our 29cm Oval Casserole, 31cm Oval Casserole and 30cm Buffet Casserole. Cotton Stoneware items include our 28cm Fluted Flan, Ramekins, Spatula Crock, Heritage Dish, Heritage Square Dish, Pie Dish, Pie Birds, Mugs and Terrrine. We have also created a range of exciting new recipes inspired by the simplicity and purity of our Cotton collection.
Duck legs are initially marinated in sea salt, black pepper, garlic, rosemary, thyme and bay leaves, and then slow-cooked in the oval casserole with goose fat until the meat is wonderfully tender. Visit your nearest Le Creuset Boutique Store to see – and feel – the new Cotton collection for yourself. My Mother teach me to cook in Le Creuset, the food is so delicious ,and the cotton white my word so beautiful and my mother was a Chef in Switzerland and i only learnt the best out of it with the Le Creuset pots, the roast so tender and soft, hope my dream comes true to get the pots. My favourite place to be is at my diningroom table, surrounded by family,sharing a meal,reminiscing and creating new memories.
I want to set my big table outside under the trees with a checkerboard design of all our Le Crueset dishes and pots, alternating colour with white cotton range, filled respectively with the matching coloured food in the crisp white vessel alongside white food in the coloured vessel.
Imagine your diningroom table laid out to perfection, all white,glass and silver and you bringing your lovely food to the table in that beautiful white dishes. The food doesn't burn nor remains raw in the Middle, and you can keep food safely in the refrigerator or freezer.

Just the word alone evokes the sweet smell of sun-dried sheets fresh from the clothesline and conjures up a sense of purity and simplicity.
The sculptural quality and sinuous lines of Le Creuset’s cookware really stand out in the Cotton range, which has a delicately textured matte finish that is 100 percent contemporary. Architectural bright-white interiors call for minimalism or a spare, reined-in decor scheme that oozes chic restraint.
Create a streamlined statement by going pure Cotton all the way, or pair it with your favourite Le Creuset colours for a striking and fresh contrast. Each recipe has been carefully developed with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal produce to ensure it tastes as delicious as it looks. Mustard, Worcestershire sauce and pepper add a little heat, while the vegetables and herbs bring sweetness and a lovely aroma to the casserole. The cooked duck is drained and roasted in a hot oven to brown and crisp the skin to perfection. Olive oil and sea salt new potatoes and whole trout filled with samphire roasted in the shallow casserole, finished with browned, nutty caper butter and a squeeze of lemon. Not the chaotic ,overly complicated entraining of guests but rather the relaxed and serene entertaining of loved ones.
White crispy linen, white crockery, white porcelain floor tiles … as long as it is white I cannot resist it.
I am a young inspiring chef I love cooking with bold, outgoing and bright colours and to have the cotton range be part of that passion i have would let me cook up a storm for my family with the best kitchen equipment i could think of to add that va va voooom would be my dream come true. I am completely in love with the new Cotton range from Le Crueset.I have always coveted a set of this cookware, and especially in white. It's styled after Le Creuset's legendary round French Ovens, complete with a ringed lid, raised Le Creuset lettering and side handles.
Cotton has been the fabric of our lives through the ages, and it has a timeless, tactile beauty.

We love the way the new Cotton range gives you a blank canvas to colour with a lifetime of delicious meals!
Entertaining the requires little more than the slow roasting of lamb, blanching of beans and perhaps a tart to finish.
Just looking at them has inspired me to get out all of my Gran’s old recipes, all covered in splotches from her days of preparing scrumptious meals, and cook some delicious meals for my family. Whether used to serve single portions of a side dish or simply to decorate an empty section of countertop or kitchen shelving, the Mini Round Cocotte adds attractive color and classic Le Creuset style to the kitchen or the table. All made in cookware beautiful enough to be served at the table ,set ,of course, with white linen. What better name, then, than Cotton for Le Creuset’s gorgeous new range of pure-white cast-iron casseroles and oven-to-table cookware.
Add a hit of colour (a sunny Soleil or fabulous Flame, perhaps) and watch everything that isn’t white pop into focus. It also inspires me to think of a blank page, a fresh start, rebirth and new begins an idea that even the non-religious can find comforting.
Try combining architectural white with natural wood, or bright white with vivid brights – gorgeous! Its waterproof enamel exterior is stain and scratch resistant from metal utensils, giving you many years of use.
This mug is finished with Le Creuseta€™s signature three-ring accent along the outer edge, adding a touch of class to your table. The glazed interior wipes easily, for quick cleaning; plus it is dishwasher safe for your convenience.

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