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Le Creuset  is a global company that creates beautiful and functional cookware with pieces such as the cast iron wok, an Indian karahi dish, a Japanese sukiyaki pan, an Italian risotto pot and a Moroccan tagine. Tell us what you might make with the French oven and we will place you in our drawing for this week. We will award the prize on Thursday, December 22, 2011 just in time for Christmas. I have one of the large stockpots it is great for making stock from turkey or ham bones but lately I have been using it to make brines it is super helpful. I love to use the Crueuset French oven for my granny’s receipe of old fashion roast beef.

I’ll make bone-in pork chops with fennel, garlic & onion in a balsamic vinegar sauce with my new Le Creuset French oven! Traditional Bolognese as it allows to slow cook various meats, add the other ingredients and simmer forever to excellent flavor! I’d probably start with some braised beef short ribs from there move on to a homemade stock with which to make beef stew with. If i win this pot, on every July 14 until the end of time, I will make beef carbonnade for Bastille Day to celebrate the French heritage of the pot and the dish.

This includes a good piece beef with baby red potatoes, baby carrots, stewed tomatoes, salt, pepper, garlic & onions. I will finally be able to braise 8 of those beef shortribs in a red wine sauce at the same time!

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