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Serve your delicious ragout or your slow braised lamb shanks straight to the dinner table in the 4.1 litre individually sand moulded Le Creuset Chef Pan Cerise. I should also say that I am in no way affiliated with Le Creuset… other than being in love with their cookware. You are going to think I grew up under a rock but I had never heard of them so you could have bought them without having to wrestle me.

Enjoy less oil in your cooking and love those tasty sear lines on your meat, vegetables, fish and more when you gook on the generous Le Creuset Toughened Non Stick Square Grill Pan 28cm. Le Creuset Two-in-One Pan ~ lusting after these in almost every color… while they have always been gorgeous, the multipurpose nature of the Two-In-One set has won me over. They are running the special in the store so he had to ask for the coupon because he was ordering online.
If you don’t live near a store (like me) they will ship it to you for 15% of the purchase price.

They were a wedding present that didnt match the ladies kitchen so she was selling them at the garage sale.

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