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Le Creuset cookware is one of the most trusted brands, and I believe, one of the top makers of the finest cookware all around the world. So that we could really understand why these products are really that top class, we should first delve into its history. In 1925 the company was founded by two Belgian industrialists; Octave Aubecq (an expert in the art of iron casting) and Armand Desaegher (an enameling expert). When they started their business, Aubecq and Desaegher were focused on creating charcoal stoves and cookware products. During this period the company had started to do some innovations by creating cast iron cookware products.
Shortly after the release of the cast iron cookware in different colours, they also had released and item called Tostador. After the many achievements that they have, the company just proved that they are still striving for excellence when they started to embark on a vertical integration strategy. As years went by, the company just went bigger and bigger, and the products that they churned out also always end up getting better.
By the period 1975 to 1985, the Le Creuset brand started to target the international market by starting to expand their horizons to Belgium, USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom and as their products have arrived to the aforementioned countries, they also had been big hits because of their top class quality and designs. Right now the company is still growing and expanding reaching countries like Spain, Japan and others. After many years, and after surviving the war, this company has maintained their focus on creating really impressive culinary items and also applied a lot of innovation to those really simple cookware products. The fact that you could start cooking your favorite recipes in style is just one of the advantages that you could derive from having a Le Creuset in your home. The prices range can be as low as US$10 for those small items and could go up to US$400 to those casseroles and sets. Easy to use (providing you have strongish wrists and don’t mind avoiding metal implements), they are safe from cooker top and oven to dishwasher and refrigerator. Great for presenting food straight from the pot, their excellent heat retention also keeps extra portions warmer for longer.
If you like the idea of cast iron, but cannot face the price-tag, Lodge cast iron cookware (particularly their Logic pre-seasoned range) is a high quality affordable alternative.
Suitable for use in freezer, oven, under the grill and in the microwave stoneware is dishwasher safe and resistant to chipping.
Provided in a range of signature Le Creuset colorways, the Le Creuset Bakeware Set is a great choice for starting your new kitchen cookware collection, or as a shiny kitchen gift idea. Le Creuset 12 Piece Stone Ware Baking Set – If you cook in a lot of different techniques and you want the perfect cookware piece to use, then this set is the perfect buy for you.
Since stainless steel cookware is so popular nowadays it is perhaps no surprise that Le Creuset have released a range of high quality tri-ply stainless steel pots and pans. Unlike many cheaper steel cookware ranges, Le Creuset use an aluminum core in both the base and sides of the pots to prevent hot spots and ensure perfect heat distribution.
Perhaps a little surprisingly some of their sets include non stick fry pans (something I am least am not really a fan of). Le Creuset 3-Ply Stainless Steel Covered Sauce Pan –   This amazing product is widely used not only in homes but also in a lot of restaurants. Le Creuset Stainless Steel Rectangular Roaster – This product is perfect for roasting chicken or other big chunks of your favorite meat products. A wide range of stainless steel utensils are also produced by the French company; along with a stainless steel knob that is very popular for those wishing to turn their Dutch ovens into something that can withstand higher oven temperatures.
I could say that there is a perfect Le Creuset cookware for every kitchen job that you need to do, the choices are just endless.
If you want to buy these products so that you could add them to your kitchen tools and enjoy the benefits that other people are already experiencing, it would be best to visit their websites so that you could see all of the products that they do offer or you could also look for them in Amazon or other sites that sell kitchen cookware. These items are quite expensive but they sure are worth every penny and when you buy one make sure that you buy from stores that offer guarantees.
There are often great deals, on Le Creuset products in time for the holiday season since they make such great gifts for cooks. Since these items are quite expensive you need to make sure that you clean them very well so that they would attain their attractiveness even after many uses. Having these items in your home doesn’t just ensure you of having really high performance cookware products when you need it. Now, it might be very nice to have an entire kitchen kitted out with Le Creuset cookware and utensils. Kitchen Gadget reviews and buyers guides brought to you by Steve Mountain and Kelly Rockwell. Cast iron cookware has been seeing something of a resurgence of late, and I for one am pretty pleased about it!
If, however, you are considering buying new cast iron items for the kitchen, what should you look for? Cast iron can take and maintain very high temperatures making it perfect for quickly searing or frying foods, such as my favorite sea-food pasta.
Because it holds the heat over a long time (and evenly) it is equally at home when creating slow cooked braised or stewed dishes.
Cared for correctly the surface will develop a non-stick surface making it able to deal with even the stickiest scrambled eggs. As small quantities of iron will leach out of the pot into your food, cooking in cast-iron is perfect for those with low iron levels. Long lasting – if you buy reasonable quality cast iron there is no reason for it not to last at least for your life-time.
Useful in the modern kitchen because cast iron will cope with all types of stove top and oven. To maintain that non-stick seasoning you do have to be a little more careful how you treat these heavy pots and pans. The iron that is added to your foods using such cookware is not quite such a benefit if you already suffer from inflated iron levels, such as associated with haemochromatosis.
Whilst enamelled cast iron (such as that produced by Le Creuset) is a good juice if you want to brighten up the kitchen, it comes without the same non-stick and iron giving properties of bare cast iron. Lodge are real winners in terms of both price, and quality but for the very best deals, you might want to plan on sticking with their bare pre-seasoned cast iron cookware. The pre-seasoning involves the cookware simply being covered in a vegetable oil and baked at a high temperature. Choosing traditional cast iron allows you the versatility of being able to cook in, or on just about anything (including the camp-fire), and at any temperature.
What Lodge really excel at, is basic, affordable and above all durable pre-seasoned cast iron.
For those wanting a little more style there is a professional range, featuring stainless steel handles that will stay a lot cooler, but to be honest for me at least it has to be the traditional and rustic look of the more simple Lodge cast iron cookware; the Logic pre-seasoned range. Well, with even our budget best buy, the price of cast iron cookware can sometimes be a little off-putting.
Also, if you stick with reputable brands such as Le Creuset and Lodge you are likely to find significant savings offered from time to time.

Our best selling guide helps you discover the top selling Best Selling Le Creuset Cookware on eBay. Tasty food items are prepared with the use of Le Creuset ceramic cookware that withstands high values of temperature.
Callum Meagher is a recent grad from culinary school and fell in love with ceramic cookware while helping friends start up a mobile restaurant (a food truck). Since childhood days, I watched my mother cook and I watched top chefs such as Julia and Jacque on television- all of them passionately concocting some delectable dish in easily recognizable cookware. These days my home kitchen is stocked full with Le Creuset French ovens, roasting racks and pasta pots. From a technical standpoint, Le Creuset’s pots are made of enameled cast iron, which makes for supremely even cooking (no burn spots) and amazingly easy cleanup. From stews to soups and yes, even stir-fries (sorry, woks), my French ovens are as versatile as they are beautiful. With nearly a century behind this iconic company, Le Creuset is a leader in their field, sporting ergonomically thoughtful designs that evoke an era of warm family and friends get-togethers and inspire modern day home cooks to continue such traditions. After passing inspection through more than a dozen pair of human hands in their factory in France, Le Creuset’s exceptional craftsmanship sets the gold standard in a cookware industry full of imitators and low quality junk. If you love to cook and you understand the value of having the best to work with, there is no other brand that surpasses Le Creuset. The two of them were very luck in Fresnoy-Le-grand because it was the hub for raw materials that are really necessary in creating cookware. This cookware that is used for grilling was a very popular product and fast became a national hit in as early as 1957, and after this Le Creuset decided to take action and have purchased their number one competitor, Le Hauts Fourneaux of Cousances. They also decided to buy the Godin Company in 1970 which, at that time, was the leader company in the furnace technology. The quality and the functionality of the products that they offer to people who like cooking rose dramatically. In Spain they offer the Spanish Pueblo Range and they entered Japan with the Japanese Sukiyaki Cocotte.
Right now the variety of products that this company offers to every family and business alike is very wide. It consists of 1 oval Au Gratin, 1 baking dish, 4 covered casseroles, and 4 mini round cocottes.
Its durability and performance is trusted not only by hobbyists but also by professionals in the cooking world.
You can choose from the stainless steel products of those that are made from steel and enamel. But, you can also use them in accentuating every meal by using really attractive and colorful cookware. Whilst some of their products are exceptional quality and come with a lifetime guarantee, there are also a few newer product ranges produced by the brand that are less inspiring. There are many names well-known for offering cast iron pans, casseroles and skillets, but quality and price vary hugely. My answer to both is that a) you should keep your eyes peeled for special offers, and keep the brand firmly on your Christmas list, and b) buy a stainless steel knob to go with any Dutch oven purchased so that the whole thing can go into a very hot oven without worry.
This guide, which is updated daily, allows for easy navigation through our top selling items. That was probably the most sensible thing I did at that age, but we won't talk about some of my other choices.This is 25 years later, and my pots are still wonderful. Prefer to buy Le Creuset ceramic cookware that provides you with the best results in terms of quality and performance.
Besides covering up with the cooking time, you can ensure that the food items are prepared in a delicious manner.
Perhaps, you will be able to obtain maximum durability because of the quality of material used. You will find that more ease is provided to you such as the one available with Le Creuset ceramic cookware.
Different processes such as baking, cooking, and frying could be performed with relative ease. It would be years later before I realized why the greatest chefs and home cooks in the know were fervent fans of this brand called Le Creuset (pronounced “croo-zay”) but I never forgot their classic vividly colored pots and pans, gleaming with a shine that spoke of lifelong quality and memories of flavors cooked in. I remember thinking what a fantastic piece of cookware it was but my full appreciation and obsession developed in my 30s, after globetrotting and logging countless hours in front of home and professional stoves.
Their interiors all feature a soft beige color, making the task of monitoring your food’s progress actually feasible when compared to dealing with the predominantly black or dark interiors of most other cookware. With their signature collection of bright, saturated colors, there’s a “mood” to suit every culinary creator whether at home or in a professional kitchen. The name Le Creuset is already cemented in the culinary world and is often called the Porsche of cookware products. They decided to combine their expertise and opened a foundry where they could exercise their art and passion in Fresnoy-Le-grand.
But, if you are just newly introduced to their really amazing products you need to have the basic items first so that you could try them out in your own kitchens. You can be sure that they would not break easily even if you put them in really extreme heating temperatures.
Every purchase of Le Creuset cookware products would also allow you to have a lifetime warranty except for those non-stick pans and the like wherein you would only be getting 10 years warranty. It has a stainless brushed exterior making it very easy to clean and resistant from stains and finger prints. You can use these products in those tea parties or just for simple afternoon conversations. But for those really stubborn stains, some people use Bon Ami since it promises not to leave any stains on the cookware surfaces. These items are perfectly constructed and designed to make sure that you are really satisfied with every product.
And, a company that is fantastic at producing one item, might be far less adept at producing another. They are great for cooking, and they look beautiful even with a lot of age on them.The Le Creuset line is cast iron covered with enamel.
Cooking chicken and retaining the original taste intact is possible for you with the accessories available from this premium range of cooking sets.
Several comparison websites are available online that help you in knowing that why you should prefer such a reputed cookware for all your culinary needs. This is exactly the reason why people prefer the products available from this brand more on a constant basis. The provision of an instruction set along with every purchase makes it simple for you in using the set. Their decision to somehow differentiate themselves from their competitors had been a really good business move for their company and somehow it also caused their tremendous growth in the following years that came. Adding to that success, they have also included a new addition— the barbecue set and the fondue cookware in their really impressive line of products.

The materials that they are made of and the way that they are made just added to their quality and durability. You can use this set in those really big occasions for serving and cooking your prized recipes. Its precision pouring rim avoids any spills and mess in your kitchen while you are cooking. Its construction makes sure that the heat is perfectly distributed all throughout the pan so that cooking would be perfect and also suitable for any heat sources. This is why you need to decide just what kind of finish you are looking for (bare, or enamelled) before you hit the shops. But also, both these brands are of high enough quality to make buying second hand a good choice too. Imagine a situation during which you have to prepare bulk of recipes at the comfort of your home. Moreover, you feel like having a pleasant experience each time you cook your favorite recipes. Made of premium quality material, the ceramic pieces are known to withstand high pressure and have their original condition even after any accidental falls. Like fine wine or a great chef’s iconic knife, Le Creuset cookware can be passed down from one generation to the next- holding with it treasured family memories of hearty home cooking. With this consecutive success in their company, Aubecq and Desaegher have really turned into business moguls and they have also marked the name Le Creuset in the culinary world. It also has a vintage color adding attractiveness to the food that you are serving, and also acts as an eye catching table accent. The rivets in its handles add to the sturdiness of the product so you are always assured when you are using it. The specially designed handles make carrying this pan easier and make the item more space efficient. So, if you are trying to create a good kitchen at home, the Le Creuset cookware is a must have.
Though you feel more convenient as far as the preparation standards are considered, the lack of enough time on hand makes it impossible for you to cook for all your family members on time. Effortless cooking is something that is possible with the stoneware available from this brand. As far as washing is considered, you need not put in any extra efforts because of the ease of cleaning available due to the ceramic material offering you a soft and mushy feel all the while. Also, you are provided with additional tips related to the extra care you need to take for a prolonged use.
Meanwhile, there are price comparison websites that help you in knowing why exactly you should go in for these dishes. The Le Creuset cookware has one of the most attractive lines of kitchen items that you could choose from. Lastly, the 3-ply construction of this item makes sure that heat is distributed evenly for perfect cooking. These items are pretty sturdy but an owner should still make sure that they follow some basic precautions and also use really safe Le Creuset cleaning techniques. If you already have enough cookware to use, the Le Creuset items are also perfect for gifts.
Several accessories are provided as well such as a loaf pan along with a casserole and oval baking dish. Going through the reviews available online will help you in understanding the best ways of maintaining your cookery range. Apart from saving your valuable time that would have otherwise gone waster while cooking and washing, you will be able to obtain additional benefits with the latest range of Le Creuset ceramic cookware representing your essential cooking needs in a diverse manner.
The makers made sure that you would have a variety of colors to choose from that could match the environment of your home and also the personality of who owns it. Some people do say that these items are quite expensive but considering the fact that they are made to last a lifetime and that if you take care and maintain them properly proves that buying Le Creuset is a really great investment. These are guaranteed top of the line products and they promise a very satisfying cooking experience.
Enamel is pretty much stick proof, but it doesn't flake like other coatings.It is possible to chip enamel.
This is a feat that you couldn’t do in any other cookware products especially those that are made of glass.
Furthermore, the Le Creuset designs are also really attractive so actually they are not just high performing cookware products but can be also used as added accents to your dining tables on those really important events. More and more families already have these items in their home because they have realized that having Le Creuset is a really fine investment.
The frying pans currently have cast iron lids, and I like to look in the frying pan while things are cooking. If you're real keen on a certain color, try to get all the pieces you want during that year. Right now, the closest I could get to that color would be a lime color or some blueish shades.
Anyway, I'm keeping an eye out for hunter to come back and may pick up a few more pots and pans. I was so exciting to receive them because I heard they were of a high quality (and very expensive) brand. After 1 month of using them, they have terrible scratches and chips in the paint on the bottom and sides, especially of the skillet. I am so angry that the people who cared for me spent so much money on Le Creuset cookware when they are obviously not the high quality pieces we thought they were. It is pretty pricey, but if you love to cook and you like to have pretty things in your kitchen (like I do), it's worth the investment. My egg whites are always easy to flip and stay perfectly in tact during the entire cooking process.
I have on several occasions spilled extra virgin oil out of the pan when I was swishing it around during preparation. I also have lost a couple of eggs during the flipping process due too its nonstick coating and depth. They leave and excellent brown layer on everything I bake, and come perfectly clean every, single, time. They take a really long time to heat up, and boiling anything takes six times longer, even if I use the lid and the highest heat setting. I do sometimes start something on top of the oven, and finish it off inside, and these pans are perfect for that.

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