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Filled with candy at Halloween or a single serving of soup at Thanksgiving, this dish will quickly become an autumn favorite.
Le Creuset stoneware dishes are versatile, multi-purpose designs that offer all the even-heating benefits of stoneware in a variety of shapes and capacities to fit nearly any baking, roasting or broiling recipe.
These durable stoneware dishes include tight-fitting lids and easy-to-grip grooved side handles, and are designed for a multitude of kitchen tasks, whether baking desserts, oven-roasting meats, broiling fish or simply marinating before cooking.

From sheet cakes to small roasts and even a pair of cornish hens, this is the largest stoneware rectangular dish.
The distinctive cone-shaped stoneware lid promotes natural steam circulation to keep beef, lamb and other meats perfectly tender and exceptionally flavorful. Each dish features grooved handles for a sure grip, plus Le Creuset's glazed interior that protects against utensil damage, staining and odor absorption - making each dependable piece of stoneware easy to use and easy to count on.

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