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I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, but I am big on continually seeking out ways to improve my home as my interests and needs change. During the holidays, I realized one of the reasons I don't cook as much as I'd like is because it's always such a battle to find the right pot or pan. This pot rack is also a light fixture, though the lights are a bit more hidden away in the center. Have you noticed all of the pot racks we've look at so far have been light fixtures, as well? If you are a serious cook and own a tremendous amount of cookware, you may need an extra long pot rack.
If your kitchen is decorated in a casual or country style and you'd like the functionality of a pot rack without the expense, an old ladder just might do the trick.
Wall mounted pot racks are ideal above a sink where the pans can easily be hung once washed. These pot racks make great use of what might have ended up as wasted space in this kitchen.
You could display your pans atop a shelf and create a hanging system below for your cooking utensils.
Quite a few of you wrote me asking what are the essential appliances and kitchen tools you need when setting up a kitchen, especially outside India?.
Pressure cookers are most commonly used in India which means you get a large variety and the cheapest options here.
Indian cooking involves a fair bit of grinding and nothing does a job as good as an Indian mixer grinder can.
A big jar and a spice grinding jar should be enough but if your mixie comes with 3 jars, pack them all in.
A kadai is something I didn’t expect to have to bring from home, but interestingly, it was tough to find one in Singapore (unless you get one from a really expensive brand). These are optional, of course, but having grown up in a household where we primarily used stainless steel utensils and plates, I packed 2 plates, 6 tumblers and a few small plates (for snacks, to use as spoon rests, to cover bowls, etc) and have never regretted the decision. Anything else you feel is absolutely essential in your kitchen and you would recommend carrying abroad from India, in case of relocation? Ive moved to and lived in a few countries, and my suitcase never contained anything but clothes!

I live in the US, and I got my wet grinder, pressure cooker, blender, all pots, pans, and utensils here. Keep in mind though, the big advantage of buying appliances in your host country is the convenient service, warranty and parts replacement. I got a lovely tadka kadai recently and have taken pics to post here soon I see what you mean. I am Nags, the face behind Edible Garden, a food and recipes website for the busy (and sometimes lazy!) cook since 2007.
But clay pots are environment friendly, healthier option and also adds a distinct taste to the curry.
WORLDS MOST EXPENSIVE INDIAN MENU DEDICATED TO MR.RICHARD BRANSON, WOULD YOU DARE TO COOK THIS? Sloped sides of the pan "hold" cooked items while vegetables and ingredients that require more time are stir-fried. What are the things you should carry from India and what are the things you should just buy from your host country or try to substitute. However, I would recommend getting one of those with tiered racks inside where you can keep multiple things at the same time – like rice, dal, and some vegetable.
It takes up some space for sure but I highly recommend lugging a mixie across the shores, you will definitely not regret it. Mine is almost 16 years old, my aunt used it before me, and it still works better than a new model from any other brand would. The only kind I found here were the wide pans that came with no lids so I was super grateful for the non-stick Prestige kadai that I packed as an after-thought. I am not sure how the situation is in the US but in Singapore, all the stuff is from India and costs 5 times more! But depending on where you are moving to, you will likely get all your kitchen gadgets in your host country. As far as US is concerned ppl should carry a tiny kadai meant for tadka, frying applams etc.
You need to regularly scrape with a wooden spoon, gently, and wipe clean before washing with soap and scrubber.

Not only does this pot rack keep the pots and pans at the ready, it provides needed lighting for dining and working in this fabulous kitchen. Having said that, my family is heavily biased towards Sumeet and we haven’t tried anything else.
You can also get a food processor as a substitute for a mixie but consider yourself warned, it may not work as well.
I use it to make pretty much all sabzis and dry curries since any other material you use would require a lot more oil. A pressure cooker, when converted into INR is around 4500rs here and you can get the exact same thing in India for 1000rs.
I found that the ones available here are not rounded they are flat bottomed , I guess ment to be used on coil stoves too. I did take one from Kannur to Hyd after I got married, the one that can be fixed on the coutertop. Otherwise, its a good idea to carry 2 small pressure cookers, one for rice and one for dal or any vegetable you may want to cook up.
Also, apparently the company has gone through a major rehaul in recent years and they don’t make them like they used to. But I guess, when one is abroad, grated coconut is store-bought, and not grated at home the traditional way, so it wouldn't be a must on the list! Unsurpassed heat distribution aluminum encapsulated base heats quickly and spreads heat evenly and eliminates hot spots. Great for classic cooking techniques like slow simmers, rolling boils and reduction of liquids.
You do need separate tawa for roti and dosa since dosas will stick mercilessly to a tawa that’s used for rotis no matter how much onion you rub on it or how much oil you pour on. I use a cast iron tawa for dosa and a non-stick (hard anodised as well) one for rotis and I am very happy with these.

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