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Tribest is offering a range of new or improved products for health-conscious consumers, including those who are trying out vegan diets.
Food dehydrators are being embraced by health-conscious consumers who are interested in making snack foods for children and even pets from ingredients they know are safe and healthy.
Excalibur’s newest model, the EXC 10 EL dehydrator, with its $849 retail price, is aimed at high-end health-conscious market. The EXC 10 EL is made of stainless steel and comes with 10 15-inch by 15-inch stainless steel trays.
The Infrared Dehydrator from L’EQUIP is distributed exclusively through BOSCH Kitchen Centers and is the first countertop dehydrator to use infrared technology for faster drying times. For many Americans, a healthier diet means less fat, and Viatek’s Jetfryer Slimming Gourmet cooks with 80 percent less fat than a conventional deep fryer and features 360 degree air flow for even cooking with no turning. T-fal’s Actifry allows users to fry everything from French fries and chicken wings to granola with 1 tablespoon of oil in 15 minutes or less. Naturally enough, healthier eating isn’t the only food trend to shed its light over the housewares industry.
Primula® also makes a bold color statement with a beautiful new addition to its teapot assortment: the 32-ounce Fleur Cast Iron Teapot, available in gold, silver and red. Among the devices offered for summer entertaining needs are the high-end grilling tools and grill from Rosle and the Outset grill tools from Fox Run Brands.
To add real flair to the plating for those summer entrees and desserts, there’s the Deco-spoon from Zeroll, which makes it possible to add to plates those swirls of sauce that always win the presentation points in Iron Chef competitions.
Inspired by the drip of flowing coffee, the stimulating rippled stainless steel base plate helps the user locate their coffee mug for brewing. While the luminescent elements are meant simply to attract the eye, the stylized base houses the water reservoir. Intricate 3D lines seamlessly link the upper and low halves of the machine through an unbroken jet black polished band that contrasts with the satin matte body construction.The perpendicular surfaces and sharp rear corner sit impeccably within the kitchen environment, disguising the internal piping structure which transports the boiled water from the base.
Design Soil is a group project formed within the design department of Kobe Design University, which aims to explore experimental themes in the design educational context today. The idea is that the reduction of distribution costs is one of the most important matters to be considered in the furniture industry today.
Akinori Tagashira took on the challenge of creating a comfortable stool from soft and warm, natural materials. The cork and birch are complementary materials, imparting an earthy, organic aesthetic to Tagashira’s design. The next piece from the Design Soil set is surprisingly compact at first, and could certainly fit into a carry-on briefcase. Although having a casual silhouette when viewed straight on, The 40° bars add a an exciting visual element to the design from various viewpoints.
During my search for branches I was specifically interested in… the specific forms of these wooden branches, [which] inspired this design. In order to achieve the naturalistic effect of curved wood, Wubben used steam-bent ash slats, joined with ash pins and wood glue.
When first walking into the exhibition space, one encounters a mysterious, optically-fuzzy, impressively colorful, wedding dress. Since she spends the rest of the year creating designs specifically to meet client requests, she enjoys experimenting with new concepts, and advancing key elements of her design portfolio during design events. People protect their phones with cases but only a few think about protecting their ears with headsets.
The distiller is very easy to use: in the morning, simply fill the water tank with salty or dirty water from a local source, and in the evening collect clean, evaporated and re-condensed water in a portable recipient placed underneath the tank. Nowadays the complexity of our needs and Apple’s simplification of such have largely changed the game, delivering customers a phone that is not only sexily designed, but one that plays well with all of its software and hardware counterparts.
We recently had the opportunity to attend Valencia Design Week and were witness to the beautiful landscape and a certain quality of light that illuminates this region of Spain. The Spanish have always been known for several qualities, the strong use of colour, masterful and shameless at the same time, uncensored passion that print their works or in their own way of showing the contrasts of a country that has been a melting pot of cultures and in which its geographical position has given a privileged place in history…The light in Spain has made us sociable, restless and has allowed us to see things from an optimistic view overcoming our most difficult moments in history.

It’s programmable for two times at two temperatures, so users can speed up drying times while preserving the natural enzymes in their food. It has a 48-hour timer, a thermostat adjustable from 95 degrees F to 165 degrees F, armored glass doors and a digital user interface. The Infrared Dehydrator offers two drying methods: sun and air, allowing for an array of drying needs. A transparent cover lets the user see how the food is coming along, and there’s a built-in timer. Color was everywhere on the show floor this year from the hotly anticipated new colors from KitchenAid to the silicone trivets offered by Talisman Designs, the heavy gauge aluminum Farberware New Traditions Scalloped Cookware, the new ceramic bread cloche from Emile Henry and the enameled cast iron cookware from La Cuisine to the Pizza Roller Cutter from Dexas.
The gourmet world is showing strong interest in tea this year, both as a beverage and as an ingredient, and of course, if the foodies call, the housewares industry will answer.
Named after the decorative treatment that surrounds the top of the teapot, it has a curvaceous silhouette with a rounded, full body and a gracefully arched black handle. The LotusGrill from Artland is designed to be smokeless, so that it can be used indoors even though it’s burning charcoal. Made in France with Flame-Top technology, this 14-inch ceramic round stone absorbs moisture from the pizza dough while distributing heat evenly through the pie for an evenly cooked pizza that doesn’t burn on the bottom before the toppings have cooked.
Both the top and bottom plates are crafted from pressed stainless steel, with their edges falling away into a sea of soft blue light surrounding them. Along with finding ways to reduce package size, the practice of assembling furniture at home has become more common. Cork not only has soft and warm properties, it also has a natural elasticity that Tagashira applied towards his design. The total weight of the pieces is around 5kg, well within the 8kg~10kg limit of carry-on baggage allowance of airlines. The cork was custom molded by a cork maker, and although the ring and legs were cut with a machine, the grooves for mounting the legs on the ring were cut by hand. The design uses a series of stub-mortise and tenon joints to interconnect the bars; for added stability, there is a through-mortise joint for the bars to snugly pass through the shelves at the correct angle, and to provide a triangular support for each shelf. Despite appearing like the shelves might be wavering when walking around the piece, the sturdiness of the joints and the triangular joint structure provide for a very sturdy shelf.
As a designer, who works a lot with natural material, I was always fascinated by these natural structures. The unit sizes are of convenient height to make the various formations friendly to form either a reading chair, table, stool, staircase or booktable. They come in three large, interlocking shapes: a small black rectangular block, a blue cubic-donut with two jutting-out elements, and a red cubic-donut that looks like a three pronged European electrical plug.
Fujiwara’s toys are self-designed, manufactured and carved in China and Vietnam, and then sold across Europe, via a distributor based in the Netherlands. Upon closer inspection, the dress is composed of small seemingly-floating, wildly colorful round spokes. Each individual block is composed of a small metal ball, with a net of long, thin pine-needles, made of piano wire, and painted with a glossy paint.
The inspiration for the Toge pieces was a merging of the colorful carbon-based branches that she put on display last year, and some dandelion-inspired 2D wall-decals that she had designed for the Rainbow mille-feuille building that she had designed and built for the Sugamo Shinkin Bank, in Shimura, Tokyo in March of this year. As one commenter pointed out, the sunset wallpaper was an apt metaphor for what most regarded as what might well be RIM’s swan song. After all, we’ve now come to assume that anyone who seems to be mindlessly chattering into thin air is actually attached to a discreet hands-free device and, in turn, a similarly-equipped conversation partner on the other end. In an effort to reclaim lost marketshare, Research in Motion has hearteningly sought to invest in design, tapping Porsche Design to develop their new P'9981 smartphone in the latter company’s striking, signature style. Several times I’d gone cell phone shopping with friends in Tokyo and the selection was staggering. But we’ll have to wait to see how it plays out once BlackBerry users have their hands on it. Madrid-based designers Cutu and Eva of Stone Designs pay homage to the Spanish passion (their words, not ours) towards light during Tokyo Design Week with Spainalight, an exhibition of 117 objects at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo.

Our light, that complicit Mediterranean light, complicit in our short nights and the enemy of sadness, is what we want to articulate in the mounting of exhibitions, appearing through these works with an architectural character, like spots on an orange, so intense that it can be troublesome at times, but makes clear the strength with which light influences our creations. Check the documentary after the jump (a nice Friday film, at full length it’s about 45 minutes) or see the full exhibition during Tokyo Design Week. Dit assortiment keukengerei zal je plakken snijden , EN SAUT 0026 # xE9 ; ING in geen tijd .
Food and Drug Administration started asking questions last year about why jerky treats imported from China were sickening and killing American dogs and cats, interest in food dehydrators as a way of making healthy meat jerky for pet treats spiked, according to Meagan Bradley, Vice President of Marketing for The Legacy Companies, maker of Excalibur dehydrators.
HYPERWAVE ™ fluctuation technology and Excalibur’s adjustable thermostat prevent case hardening – the formation of a dry surface on food with moisture trapped inside – for better, safer dried foods. Automatic humidity sensing delivers uniformity, and the air filtration system ensures that clean air is drying the food. The combination of traditional tea accessory style elements with powerful metallic and red hues makes the Fleur Cast Iron Tea Pot on trend for today and an eye-catcher at retail. Meat comes off the barbecue in style with the Wildfire 3 Piece Tool Set from Outset, a Fox Run USA brand. They’re great for decorating plates with syrups, sauces, chocolate, dressings and more.
The stainless steel hot plates are encircled by glowing LED bands of soft blue light to indicate when the machine is brewing.Brewing coffee on dark mornings is made easier by soft glowing LED bands and a simplified user interface that light up the room with colour. Indentations on each leg allow them to hook onto the ring, and then fixed once pressure from the core top is applied. This way, the weight of each load on the shelves is concentrated on the joint area, and thus further increases the stability of the unit.
Emmanuelle Moureaux is a Tokyo-based architect who visits Design Tide each year, with a keen eye for evolving architectural design. Each year, her exhibition works show a creative rethinking of design features that she applied in her architectural works, and following each exhibit, past ideas are often incorporated in her future designs as well.
The movement naturally lays down Angle on your ear and you can now benefit from the hands-free communication. According to USA Today, jerky treats coming mostly from China sickened more than 3,600 dogs and cats and killed at least 580 of them since 2007. Intuitive controls and dials make the Infrared easy to use, and digital controls allow the user to accurately regulate temperature and drying time. The tool set is part of a range of stainless steel barbecue tools with colorful silicone handles that are heat resistant up to 550 degrees, stain resistant and dishwasher safe.
You just dip the stainless steel spoon in the sauce, hold it vertical to the plate or bowl and start drawing!
Thanks to the natural elasticity of the cork, the elements become more tightly attached when a load is applied, and thus the act of sitting down itself becomes a design element as well. The table is quite sturdy, as the rib vault structure redirects weight to the center to give the table stability and strength. It comes complete with a mesh loose tea infuser, so it can brew from either loose tea or tea bags. The food temperature stays low enough to keep the enzymes active while the air temperature gets high enough to dry the food fast, overcoming yeast, mold, and bacterial growth and spoilage.
Available for shipment in May 2014, the Primula 32-ounce Fleur Cast Iron Teapot has a suggested retail price of $49.99. The Barbeque Plate is 10 inches by 7.5 inches and half an inch thick, while the larger Beef Barbeque Board is 11 inches by 13 inches and three quarters of an inch thick and engraved with a diagram of beef cuts.

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