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Their complete product line includes everything a serious cook would need, from pots and pans, to stockpots, mixing bowls, spatulas and turners, knives and steels, mortar-and-pestles, silicone and traditional metal bakeware, roasters, whisks, spoons, sieves, basters, skimmers and more. As the island's oldest established supermarket operator with over 100 years of experience in Singapore, Cold Storage the market leader in Singapore, constantly introduced new store concepts that set clear industry standards. Don’t get caught falling victim to this trend of shopper malaise.   Attracting more affluents to your shopping destination is the key to future success. How to appeal to the more moneyed customers who are not going to nickel-and-dime the retailer to death?
Affluent shoppers with plenty of discretionary income to spend may be the key to driving sales and delivering profits to your kitchenware or tabletop specialty shop’s door.
Based upon the Affluent Consumer Tracking Study (ACTS) Shopper Track Surveys conducted through 2014 and 2015, this report provides in-depth statistics about how and why affluents shop. But more than just data, this report delivers analysis about what the key findings mean and how retailers can put the insights into action to more successfully market their stores and reach the affluent shoppers who hold the key to their growth and success. How to create experiences that encourage affluents to shop in your store, to shop more often and to spend more money? Plus the Affluent Shopper Snapshot report provides inspiration drawn from case studies of specific retailers that are doing a top notch job targeting the affluent shopper.
Internal CRM data tells you only about the customers you have, not the ones that walk by your doors. Good, but gave me the wrong postal orderFinally got the delivery, but due to an incorrect postal order no. 31 July 2012 Super fast delivery, good range and an easy to use website Looked everywhere for some black door handles and eventually came across Handles 4 Doors.

Spoilt for Choice and Fast DeliveryI was really pleased with my purchase from Barrington Sports.
YARCH 3" Fruit Vegetable ceramic knife with Scabbard + retail box ,2 color handle select. Very poor returns policy!!!!I am sorry my review couldn't be a more positive one but due to the poor returns policy i have had no choice.
Great Service, Great ProductMy son is a keen rugby player and we have looked for a good supplier of rugby equipment for a while. Quick, efficient and flexible.The online ordering was easy and the delivery was extremely good and informative with texts and emails to confirm date and time. Together with electricity and refrigeration, it allowed European agents of change, the colonial civil servants, merchants, miners, planters, traders, to acclimatise to living in the tropics.
The Company had humble beginnings, a small depot storing and selling mainly frozen meat from Australia.
Offering you a wide variety of goods in close to 40 categories from fresh squeezed juice to wines to drinks, frozen, dairy, snacks, wines, rice & noodles, breads and cereals, household, papergoods, kitchenware. This Unity Marketing Affluent Shopper Snapshot Report examines the affluent shopper and why they shop specifically in kitchenware and tabletop specialty shops and boutiques, including websites of these stores. Danziger is internationally recognized for her expertise on the world’s most influential consumers: the American Affluent.
I knew exactly what I wanted, Mizuno Wave Ascend Trail Shoes, the same shoes I've worn for the past decade, and entered it straight into Google. If i had known i was going to have to pay to return items as well as ?e4.99 to deliver my item i certainly would not have ordered from you.

Came across the Barrington Sports 'web page' by chance and was very impressed by the extensive range of products & brands.
A full refund including shipping will be rendered in the event that the item is not as described. Ordered the sandals and got them 3 days later with text messages to keep me informed about the delivery. My son wanted a new kit bag to carry his rugby kit in and being a 'fussy fashion conscious' 17 year old, he was looking for style & practicality. I was spoilt for choice and nearly tried the new Mizuno Trail shoes (Cabrakan) which were considerably better value than i had seen them elsewhere, but unfortunatley they didn't have them in my size.
I ordered my shoes on the wednesday lunchtime after a very trecherous lunchtime run with a rest day planned for thursday, but Barringtons service was so good my shoes arrived the very next morning!
I was so excited with my new purchase that after showing them to everyone in the office, i scrapped my thursday rest and did a nice long run in my sparkly new shoes, needless to say they did not come back so sparkly!!! An excellent service and a pleasure to deal with, we will definitely be purchasing goods from Barrington Sports in the future.

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