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I’m not sure quite what happened when I hit my twenties, but the squishy bit in my brain that determined shopping choices made a serious switch from clothes to furnishings.
So you can imagine my horror upon arriving in Singapore and realising that the kitchenware store offerings were either too cheap (and flimsy), or too expensive (and blah). Until one glorious day, after meeting new friends in Holland Village, I walked past (doubletook, and then legged it into) Lemonzest. It’s safe to say that Lemonzest has since become my staple when it comes to weekend browsing – for gifts, parties and office tidbits – and I’m such a frequent visitor that they’ve even placed a dog bowl outside for when my pooch Peggy comes along. To share my culinary haven, and to give back to delightful owner Beth, who is often left hanging out with Peggy on the pavement (she loves it), I took my camera along to snap my favourite summer party pieces as I shopped for my latest BBQ bash. Rachael Wheeler, former Managing Editor, is a self-proclaimed geek with a long history in online publishing. By becoming our fans, you will receive first-hand updates and you will also be invited to exclusive openings. This is the Imperia ravioli attachment designed for the Imperia pasta maker SP150 and Imperia pasta presto machine. Since our beginnings in 1975 Consiglio's Kitchenware has provided unique quality kitchen products with Italian cuisine in mind.
Celebrate the holidays with a selection of 3 beautiful handmade lead free pewter ornaments. There are many different ways to conduct a SWOT analysis; a large corporation will do this very differently than a small non-profit.
We thought it would be helpful to show you a sample SWOT analysis for a business you can easily visualize: a small independent bookstore in a university town.

Every penny that was previously spent on trendy threads began funding my homeware habit – and hosting dinner parties became ‘a thing’. I’m not talking about just any kitchen store here, but the best kitchen store in Singapore. I love whipping up desserts in my quirky cake-making moulds, I’m known for forcing all guests into drinking from patterned straws (even men with beer), and my hot pink ice bucket tends to steal the show. I can’t reveal how much I ended up taking home from Lemonzest that day, because my other half is likely to disown me if I cram more kitchen furnishings into the cabinet. When she's not spreading The Honeycombers' snazzy stories far and wide, she's either exploring the jungle with her pup Peggy or chugging bubbles in a hammock. Our family business has grown to become a leader in this industry but our traditions of providing quality service, competitive prices, and unique selection have stayed the same.
The goal is really a simple one: to help you understand your world and build a road map to guide your efforts. Whether you’re in a business, academic, or non-profit environment, you are facing a competitive environment where money and resources are scarce. The important outcome of a SWOT is your understanding of the particular strengths you can count on, the pitfalls you might be facing, and the outside forces that might seriously change the landscape going forward. The store owner brought the team together to think about how the bookstore could survive during the continuing financial downturn. The owner got enough actionable information to guide his planning efforts over the next 2 years.
Gone were the days of slinging a pizza in the oven; playing hostess became about lighting 77 tiny candles, cooking three courses, and presenting everything in kitsch bowls, platters and glassware.

An exciting organized explosion of high-quality, beautifully designed and oh-so-colourful pots, pans, utensils, crockery, baking accessories, table linen, cutlery, glassware, gizmos, gadgets and more!
Click through the picture gallery above to discover my top party buys, and to have a nose at the prices.
Guided by our knowledgeable staff, you'll find everything - from cookware and cookbooks to baking and bar essentials - to cook up your most memorable, delicious moments. This analysis tool can help you focus your attention on the specific success factors that are right for your team. Once he developed the strategic plan, he posted it on the back office wall so that everyone could see it. This only intensified as time went on, with kitchenware being the creme de la creme of my furnishings collection. The team members understood for the first time the challenges the bookstore owner was facing.
For my other half (the chef), it was all about the kitchen gizmos, whereas I would get off on colourful salad bowls and swish napkins. They felt more engaged in the store’s success, and started suggesting additional opportunities the owner might try to build his business.

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