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Fabio Leonardo MR10 with SP5 Tomato Milling Attachment (Most Powerful Model)A Fabio Leonardi's MR10 is ideal for home professional or commercial use. For delicious results, shop top cookware brands like Le Creuset and OXO - the same brands Food Network Chefs & Hosts love. By becoming our fans, you will receive first-hand updates and you will also be invited to exclusive openings.
Consiglio's Super Crema is a blend of fine freshly roasted espresso beans designed for your manual or super automatic espresso machine.

This is Fabio's largest most powerful model at 1.5hp and allows you to mill tomatoes into sauce quickly and easily.
The 1.5hp motor combined with the large SP5 turns thins unit into a tomato eating monster ideal for any milling task.
Fabio Leonardi differentiatesA it's models by motor power and size of front neck and auger (Tomato milling Attachment). Made in Italy this premium grinder attachment is robust and capable of larger production in combination with the most powerful Fabio Motor MR10 1.5HP!

Always be sure to have tomatoes in the hopper before turning the unit on to insure the auger and screen haveA adequateA lubrication.

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